Of Silver and Emmet

It started quite a while back now. Ever since I decided to go to Towerglan after I got shot.
Silver was kind enough back then to offer me a safe place to rest, heal and regain strength. She helped me with my wound and kept me warm and well fed. I owe her much due to this kindness.
Untrusting as she may be.....

A while back, after I recovered, I encountered her along the road towards Evendim. She was about to cross the fields of Fornost when I ran into her at a camp on the border of the fields. I told her about some Orcs that were headed somewhere in the fields and offered to clear them out a bit. 
She and I spoke of many things before I headed out, tracked and killed the orc scouts. After that it would be a while before we spoke again. 

Our next meeting was at her home in Evendim. She had told me where it was and invited me to come and visit if I pleased so. My curiosity made me do exactly that. 
It was a nice house, filled with many artifacts. Well preserved and clearly looked after. 
Some have called her a tomb-robber.... Myself included. But we were all mistaken. She has an interest in the past that is not shared by many these days. She doesn't see coin in these artifacts but knowledge.
She also had a tapestry of  the Witch King and a Balrog. Most likely found somewhere in Angmar.
It had a dread lingering over it.
After another long conversation, she and I parted ways again.

I went to Annuminas, to find my brethren within the sunken city. Angmarim soldiers has set up some camps along the outer sides of the city and we often find scouts roaming deeper within. To my surprise however I saw a few days after arriving that a Southron arrived as well. She was clad in red robes but it was weird to me to see such one in a place like Annuminas. It made no sence.
Then I realized that this wasn't one of their allies. It was Silver trying to get her way inside the stronghold. She must have put on a good act because the Angmarim believed her and allowed her to enter. She was even given a personal guard. Or perhaps this one was ment to keep an eye on her. 
I reported this back to the rangers that had gathered in the southern part of the city. We discussed what I found and about the strange rituals that went on within the Angmarim main camp. 
Upon this we all agreed that we should act before harm could be done by these sorcerers. 
I did my best to convince them not to harm Silver and they promised to try their best. But in war, there may always be casualties that aren't ment to be.
After the attack commenced there was chaos. Arrows flying around. Angmarim trying to run for cover. 
I made sure to keep an eye on Silver and where she was headed. 
She was running around, jumping and ducking, twisting and turning as fast as she could. Eventually she reached a point where she saw an option to escape. A tomb.
I tried to call out to her but she must have figured I was the enemy and shut herself in. There was nothing I could do to open it at that point and so I returned to my kinsmen.
We were successful in our ambush and hopefully have stalled the enemy long enough. But I could not forget Silver... I knew what lies within those tombs and that place is a maze. 
I returned to the Tomb with some of my kin but we were unsuccessful in opening it once more. I knew there was only one of two places she could get out. One was in Tyl Annûn and the other on a small island just south of it. I left my kinsmen to deal with Annuminas and stole a boat from the makeshift docks that the Angmarim had made. From there I paddled towards Tyl Annûn. I searched the small island south of it but could not find her. I then went to the larger one and once again was not able to find her. 
Somehow I knew she would not perish down there. She is too strongly willed to do so. I paddled back one last time to the small island and surely... there she was, sleeping in the sand, covered in cave-muk.
I woke her and luckily she didn't slit my throat out of reflex... though she almost did.
Then she did something I did not expect. She hugged me... Which I found strange compared to the behavior she had shown before. I didn't pay any more mind to it and took her to her house.
I used some herbs to make a nice warm bath for her and her wounds to recover in. Then I went downstairs.
After she was done she joined me, we talked some more and I offered her some help in finding a man named Emmet. I proceeded to stay for the night to make sure no further complications came to her wounds. Then I left early while she was still sleeping.

I promised her to keep an eye and ear out for the name Emmet... And I had a good idea of where to start looking.
I went to Ost Forod, a well known place for scum to gather. From what I've heard, this Emmet was some sort of grave-robber. I'd surely find something there and I indeed did.
It took a bit of planning...
And the taking of a Tomb-robber against his will....
A fist... a tree and some hard words..... 
Eventually he told me that a man named Emmet once came to them for help. But this was a long while back. He said the man provoked them and after a ''confrontation'' he fled up north, towards Forochel.

That is where my path has lead me now. To the outskirts of Kauppa-Kotha in search of any trails of Emmet. 
I should start asking my old friends among the Lossoth.... I am sure they'll know