Signs and portents

A draft of a letter sent by Helcequen to her colleagues  following a chance encounter at Lord Elrond's house. [Alas the original has been lost]


Friends and colleagues,

Some of you may remember an interesting individual visiting recently. He was, for a time, a chance traveling companion prior to my arrival in the valley and so I trust him and we spoke  at length when he was here... I never saw him 'change' but he is certainly not an ordinary man but I digress ....

He has seen much in the lands of men recently, between the northern Bree fields and the last bridge. He spoke of increased unrest and a kind of 'emboldenment' [for want of a better word] of those who would prey on or do ill to others (bandits and the like, fouler creatures also) ... even near to the roads.

Such incidents taken in isolation can be dismissed as insignificant but as a whole it is as if some power is trying to stir up any latent ill intent it finds.. setting fires all over as it where to cause chaos and uncertainty. We scholars know that finding patterns is seemingly unconnected events can lead to great enlightenment!

I believe by raising smoke and dust the enemy are covering up a more significant and concerted movement and campaign. Brigands & Orcs west of Ost Guroth and North of Amon-Sul as we know but also the emergence of Goblins in the marshes and rather nastly little bandit gangs all over.

It has also come to my attention that this spread of discord is coming down into Breeland from the North and so it seems the rangers are now spread too thinly and are not able to watch the roads as well as they did... I think this is a deliberate tactic and perhaps they should be gently told this if the opportunity arises!

Other sinister camps have been reported (un-collaberated) beyond those explored and 'cleansed' by those of the Arrow who patrol our approaches. Unless any have a good reason not to do so, I will write these concerns to the Arrow command and hope they can look into it.