Itchy feet

Shire life was good, Everardo was comfortable and well fed. Folk were friendly on the banks of the Brandywine in the Marish and Buckland to. The ferry was a centre of activity, people produce and of course gossip.

Not many big things ever happened but there were plenty of little things to chatter about and maybe that was it.  He’d decided to volunteer as a Bounder to expand his horizons... to find another subject to talk about, something really interesting ideally!

Being in the job (of a Bounder) had its advantages, free ferry passage on ‘official business’ for example. His responsibility was the section of the river up to the Brandywine Bridge ... up to note ... this was important.. to include it would have meant sharing the rather tedious sessions standing about saying hello to folk crossing back and forth.

Nothing really went on though ... the occasional lost something or other, a little too much ale consumed but that was it.  Everardo played it up well and often would come home having consumed an excellent lunch provided by a grateful Hobbit.

After a while though, one day just started to run into another and then a week or fortnight would simply slip through his fingers unnoticed. He was daydreaming through his life he thought... Everardo was in a rut, albeit a velvet one.  Put simply he’d got itchy feet, a notion to travel!

One day while returning on the Buckleberry Ferry (official business of course) the idea hit him... how far could he follow the Brandywine upstream? If the folk were as friendly along the banks as they were here, the journey would be a delight.  

Time for some serious planning......