The Shadow-Walkers: A scout in The Wastes

And so The Forngarmo ran out into the fields. The most forsaken fields in all of The Middle-Earth, on the very edge of Mordor. All she was passing were ruins of Old and plants, but only those that survived the evil coming from Mordor. Nothing alike the forests that were there before. She was calm, and carefully inspecting the fields for any dangers that may come and interrupt the passage of Aragorn's forces. Until she came near to The ruins of Haerondir, The Great Fortress. She attempted to pass further into their final destination, but the small enemy army was on the way. She found a spot from where she could observe the orcs' movement and remain unseen. That reminded her much of the past days, when she was just guarding the lands that she loved. The Forngarmo stayed focused on the task and as the group moved away and stopped on the way towards the Slag Hills she decided to turn back and inform everyone that the Stop in Haerondir might be necessary.