[IV] Another distraction

Suddenly there is a tap, tap, tapping on the door. Polite but insistent, it was the kind of knock only made by someone who knows the person they are looking for is inside.

"ARRGHHH!, leave me alone'" shouts Helcequen, within her own mind., so of course the tapping continues at the same short regular interval. She puts down the envelope with the corner of the contents showing and walks over to the door. She takes a deep breath, looks herself up and down, then opens it.

It's an Elf she recognizes, does some work for the scholars at the Order of the Pillar, something like that .. What is his name? never mind ....  She puts on a warm smile, to all outward appearances at least and says 'Hello, what can I do for you?'

'Oh greetings to you' he replies nervously, 'I wonder ... er ...that is .. there seems to be a problem ... er ... in the Library'.  He continues in a way that suggests he had been rehearsing what to say all the way over.  'The official record of the grand expedition informally know as The Frozen Path is missing'. He pauses slightly and looks down before continuing, 'Would you know anything about that? he asks.

Helcequen, slightly confused and still rather pre-occupied replies simply. 'No I don't'

The Elf displays an odd movement with his eyes, as if he is switching to the script he had prepared for this answer. 'Oh! I see... As you were the ..'  He tries to raise a small smile. '..well at least one of the main instigators of the expedition, we hold out a last hope that you have borrowed it and forgotten to tell the Curator.'

Helcequen looks directly at the Elf, saying 'I don't have it, sorry!....  It is not yet over and done with, there are important unresolved matters, this is a loss indeed.'

The Elf nods gravely, 'Yes, this is very bad news as you say, it was a large work with much insight for further study ... er ...'. Finally he appears more natural, off script perhaps'  'If I may say Lady, you have a reputation for precision and also meticulous record keeping... I wonder is there anything you could contribute to its .. er .. restoration.'  He quickly adds 'I'm not here hmmm 'Officially' you understand'.   To Helcequen, the whole thing suddenly fits, no formal introduction and a chat on here own doorstep away from the Hall.

Helcequen thinks a moment, then replies 'I wont commit to anything now but I do promise to give it serious consideration, is that alright?'  The Elf nods 'Thank you, I wont keep you further, good bye!' he hurries off, leaving Helce only time to mouth the words and give a slight wave.

She closes the door and heads back to the desk, a slightly guilty thought pops up 'Hmmm, this could be a good opportunity to write that up properly! As she sits down, her thoughts return to other matters.