Impressions - Uilossiel

The other day as I was sketching beside the hearth in the healing halls, I saw an elleth, whom I had never seen before, enter. I assumed she came for fair Eliriael, but since she was not in the hall, I thought it best to seem focused on my drawing. Yet, I watched her from where I sat. She looked quite austere at first with a crisp, clean, deep blue robe without a fold out of place and her hair tied neatly away from her face. I assumed she was all about tasks and lists and would not spare a moment on anything unnecessary; she was likely to leave as soon as gentle Eliriael was not to be found. She reminded me much of the other councilors who work with my father. So, it surprised me when she turned to me and started a conversation with a gentle smile that dispersed the severity of her appearance and flooded a warm openness to her face.

I still do not know why she had been there, but I am glad she was. I have come to be grateful for the companionship of her and her bunnies. It was through meeting Míril and her baby rabbits that I began to feel comfortable enough to speak again. Watching them roll around the rug that day in the healing hall, I felt that I could let down my guard. Animals are so attuned to premonitions of danger – if they could scamper about without reserve, I knew I had nothing to fear. As it was, despite the calm and peaceful ambience of the healing halls, I had not been able to dispel the deeply-rooted fear lodged in my heart even after being rescued.

Though the baby rabbits were unruly, their mother Míril was well-disciplined. She was ever attentive to her children as well as to Uilossiel. With the smallest hints, Míril was ready to watch her children while Uilossiel was away or usher them into their basket to depart. Pensive Uilossiel does not have a commanding sort of presence, but Míril obeys because of what I must assume is the mutual respect and affection they have for one another. They appear to both take their duties and responsibilities seriously, and it shows in the way they go about things – directly and effectively with little nonsense involved. Though, their kind natures prevent them from seeming harsh like military officers.

Indeed, thoughtful Uilossiel has many a time given me gentle counsel and encouragement that is rarely found on the lips of generals. Yet, she has the speech and tone of one who is used to being careful and deliberate with the words she chooses, as if she were used to writing for the knowledge of others. She would make a fair orator or author of books, I should think. There is always a contemplative look behind her eyes that makes me think she would be quite skilled at the analytical and reflective process of writing. Though, she has the look of someone who has studied the world’s sorrows in books and carries the burden of pondering its history more than one who has recorded its events in a tome.

I suppose the seeds of her helpful advice are founded in such books. Yet, she is not like many bookish scholars I know, citing famous lines of ancient text in every situation and absorbed within the confines of its pages. I see in her thoughtful grey eyes how she perceives what is around her and how the knowledge of books and the experience of life have intertwined in her mind to inform what she says. In this, she reminds me somewhat of my father.