[I] Uncertain times and an unread letter

Helcequen is sitting at her desk, surrounded as usual by her many papers, research documents and a couple of intriguing artifacts. In the middle is an envelope, it has been opened carefully but as yet the contents are unread.

Scholars by their nature are independent folk, free thinkers who value their privileged position very highly.  However such things are rapidly becoming a luxury of the past, the world of freedom and joy is under threat of extinction.  Scholars in all Houses have to work together, to focus for the greater good.

This then is the problem, why Helcequen holds he head in her hands  but no tears come, she stares blankly into the middle distance. Leadership of such a House is a difficult job, one for a fellow scholar an empath and a diplomat. One has to gently guide the activities without stiffing the creativity, lead covertly, with stealth... Mastering this art of directing without being seen as a director is the key.

The Lady Danel did this very well in the Order, a unique talent, the problem is she is gone!  Of course everything in life has a certain momentum, things will continue for a time but without a stable yet gentle hand on the tiller, threads will unravel. Inevitably members will become distracted from the main goal and begin to invest time in pet projects or old musing.

Unless a new leader of equal quality is found quickly the work of the group will bet set back and greatly diminished, if this is allowed to happen, the only direction left to us will be West!

So we come down to it, what is the next step and down which road?

Helcequen slowly reaches out a hand, picks up the envelope slowly removing the contents...........