Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band

Founding date
June 4, 2017
Main area of operations
Bree Land, Shire, Trollshaws
Organisation type
Racial type
Music style(s)
Traditional, renaissance, classical, new age, rock
Organisation status


Agago of the Fallohides - Band Leader - Instrumentalist

Lannith of Lorien - Dedicated Percussion,Vocals - Instrumentalist

Glangam of Bree Land - Instrumentalist

Radvat of the Blue Mountains - Dedicated theorboist - Instrumentalist

* Dedicated musicians always play specified instrument or do vocals

* Instrumentalists play all other instruments as required


We are a dynamic but small group of traveling minstrels that enjoy playing our tunes anywhere at anytime under any circumstances.  Be it large crowd, or just a few.  Be it in a large towne on stage, or on a small towne street corner.  We have been known to play in crafting halls and on top of chicken coops; wherever and whenever the mood strikes us proper.  We consider ourselves a parlor band because of our small size - we can easily fit into small places and play music that blends with other activities.  Or we can rock off yer socks if you happen to be wearing them; or jig you till the aurochs come home.

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