A Letter to Owler Carter

Wedmath 8

Corrinne Fenflower

Fenflower Farm

The North Fields, Breeland


Owler Carter

The Carter Farmstead


North Downs


To Mr. Owler Carter,

First, let me apologize for my late reply. Your letter has sat on my table. I have read it each day but did not know how to respond to your kind words. Let me start with the business of the cattle and sheep. After discussing it with my mother and Hollace, we have decided to buy a bull, two heifers, and five ewes. We are replacing stock lost in a raid and your animals are prized. They will be well cared for. Now that we have our funds in place, we shall be going to fetch the stock now that shearing has been done.

The wheat is well and starting to turn golden, the harvest should be bountiful but we are short of hands. I will post help notices the closer it comes to the harvest. Our hens are laying enough that we have been able to trade some of the eggs in town.  The sheep pen gate is holding like new, thank you once more for helping me fix it.

Your words I have read again and again. It is easier for me to write to you, because when I look at you, it is hard for me to know what to say. My thoughts stray to you more often than I would admit to anyone. I recall the sound of your laugh and your warm eyes and it makes me smle. I also look forward to speaking with you again and you are welcome to visit us when you can afford time.




If you time your arrival with the last Highday of Wedmath, you could eat dinner with us and I will be making a blueberry tart.