Of the House of Ornessar: My Lastborn's Birth

While escaping from Doriath to avoid the Kinslaying, Calaerneth and the House of Ornessë made their way to Gondolin in secret, hidden from the eyes of the Dark Lord, with the aid of an encrypted letter Ornessar had once sent to Calaerneth with an eagle.

As they finally approached Gondolin, Lord Turgon and Ornessë were called to the first of the Seven Gates; the Gate of Wood, by a Guard. After some minutes they came to an agreement and they let them all pass through each of the Seven Gates of Gondolin to enter the city. Ornessë immediately let Ornessar and Alfirieth know of the arrival of their kin. And they did not wait even a minute; the two siblings immediately rushed to the Gate of Steel to greet and regroup with their kin. Of course, the heirs of Melethiel were devastated by her death, but Ornessar showed care to her heirs - as he always did.

It was then that Ornessar and Calaerneth met once again. They looked at one another with eyes radiating of passion and love, and they hugged so tightly that both of them were barely able to breathe. After shedding some tears of joy and exchanging news and words of love, Ornessar guided the House of Ornessë to the homesteads of the House of the Golden Flower. They were each given a room - all apart from Calaerneth, who would stay in Ornessar's room.

Around a year later, at summer, birth was given to yet another elf; the last daughter of Ornessar and Calaerneth, called Galdaen. Her early days, though, were not what Ornessar and Calaerneth intended for her. She was still a baby when the Fall of Gondolin came to pass, and Calaerneth had to stay away from the fight and protect their child from harm. Luckily, they all were unharmed after the Fall of Gondolin. They followed Lord Glorfindel's secret host to Nan-Tathren, and all of them excluding Ornessar travelled to Ered Luin soon after.