Ornessar's Diary: The War of Wrath

Not long after we found shelter, I, those of my House and many others decided to move away, and seek shelter east of Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains. We stayed there for some years, though I myself eventually made my way back to Beleriand when Melkor took full control of it. 

After making my way back to Balar I discovered that a terrible kinslaying had happened, and virtually all of the elves that lived there were slain. Sometime after, I met with the Host of Valinor, though it seemed that I was the only one of the Falmari who would fight against Morgoth. Some of my friends from Aman explained everything to me, and I was glad to hear that the Valar had actually come to fight against Morgoth, despite having pledged to leave the Noldor to reap the bitter harvest of their folly in pursuing Morgoth. 

Anyway, a long and great battle was about to take place. We fought continuously for many years, and with heavy losses, but thankfully the Host of Valinor, the Edain, and the Dwarves managed to gain the upper hand. The north was aflame of war, for Melkor's armies were uncountable, and the Host of Valinor bore a lot of power. It is notable that his armies were composed not only of orcs but of Men and many foul beasts he bred since the start of his reign. 

Over the course of the years, we finally destroyed most of the Balrogs and Melkor's forces, though, in his last desperate attempt, he unleashed great winged beasts; his Dragons. As the situation grew dire, Eärendil came with his sky-ship Vingilot, along with birds and the Great Eagles, and they fought the dragons. Eärendil himself slew Ancalagon the Black, mightiest of the Dragons, who broke the towers of Thangorodrim in his fall. With the fall of Ancalagon, our morale was renewed, and we retook the ground that had been lost and slew the remaining dragons. I, myself, managed to help with the slaying of one of them. With the majority of Morgoth's forces defeated, the survivors of his armies drove themselves to the depths of the world and to places underground that even the Valar themselves could not access. Morgoth would soon be no more, and Angband alone remained his only possession. In the end, the Valar thrust him through the Door of Night, beyond the Walls of the World, into the Timeless Void, where he will remain.

But Beleriand was ruined. Countless slaves were freed from Morgoth's dungeons after his defeat and they looked upon a world that had changed greatly, for the fury of both sides in the War had wreaked havoc on much of the land. The northern areas were torn asunder, rivers formed or destroyed, mountains and hills changed. The wreckage of the war was immense indeed; most of the land west of the Ered Luin, as well as a large part of the central part of the mountains, was laid waste and soon after sank beneath the waves. Two great dwarf-cities were also ruined, forcing their inhabitants to leave and go east. Most of the Elves went to the West, but some, including myself, went East too; refusing to go back to Aman. Not yet.

Nonetheless, there I met with my family and my House once again. It was time to start a new life, far from trouble. The Dark Lord was no more.