A Shy Scout And A Busy Messenger


She always had been silent and inconspicuous.

Some of the company had fought alongside her against the goblins upon the Misty Mountains.

And there she was again. Without warning she appeared suddenly, the slender, shy elf maiden. Few knew about it, but Caethel had been fighting for a while against the vile creatures of Mirkwood, and a fierce archer and an able scout she was. But many a heroic deed stays unmentioned, for those fighting in the shadows do not care for glory or public appreciation.


Lastore, whom they also met within Ost Galadh, was a wholly different kind of fellow.

A messenger of profession, he appeared somewhat lost, although he covered up that impression with an affable attitude, and a good portion of dry humour.


After a talk with Ivoron, an elf in service of commander Fuirgam, the company was given shelter, supplies and a few tents in a camp outside of the stronghold.