Two Letters

This letter bears an official seal of two mallorn leaves. It is written with a clear, crisp script, with no unnecessary flourishes or ornaments. The work of a heavy hand, all the letters march across the page in strict ranks.

To Second Lieutenant Aicalion of the Golden Wood, Greetings.

I trust that this letter finds you well, and making the best of your leave from duties under my command. I look forward to hearing of what aid you have provided our allies in Imladris, though it is under orders that I terminate your leave of absence and summon you to Caras Galadhon once more.

It has come to my attention that our company may be called eastwards over the Anduin by Commander Fuirgam, to aid in the assault upon the shores now held by the Enemy. To this end, I request that you return to Lórien at the earliest convenience. 

May we soon speak face-to-face, esteemed shield-brother.

Captain Brandaer of Lothlórien

The reply to this letter is drafted on smooth parchment with a creamy hue, and the handwriting is elegant yet practical, with a small flourish added here and there. It bears a small seal of blue wax, bearing a device of stars upon a plain field.

To Captain Brandaer of Lothlórien, Warmest Greetings.

My thanks for your inquiry as to my own well-being, during my leave of absence. I have been in Imladris for some time, and have made some surprising acquaintances recently, though I will leave them to be recounted to you later. You may be interested that I met my friend Annúngil, once captain of a significant unit in Lothlórien, while in Imladris. We took counsel together, and resolved to travel east together, for he also wishes to return to the land where he once served.

I will not be returning to Lothló​rien alone, but travelling in the vanguard of a party from Imladris. Among them are Annúngil and others of his acquaintance, who wish to travel to the Golden Wood and aid our cause in diverse ways.  I will inform you of any developments when I arrive at your side.

I remain always,

Your faithful servant,

Second Lieutenant Aicalion Veryendo of Lothló​rien.