Journey of the ranger (Part X): The tracking of a scout

Word came today from Esteldin. 
One of my kinsmen that respites in the far east of Angmar has reported that a group of scouts have been send out to bring news from Carn Dûm to Dol Guldur and most likely Gundabad.
Most of them have been taken down, all carrying the same message.
Apparently the host of Carn Dûm wishes to launch an assault on the northern lands of Eriador. They fear however that men of Dale and other northern regions across the Misty Mountain may come to aid Eriador if called upon. As such they wish for Dol Guldur and Gundabad to unleash an attack upon those regions when they do the same in Eriador. 

I've been asked to keep my eyes out for an unusual orc. A slender and medium armored orc carrying the weapon of Angmar upon its armor. As reported he has last been seen heading towards the Lone Lands.
Amongst these wide lands he could hide anywhere, move in shadow and be almost untraceable for those not knowing where to start. 
I however know well enough of how orcs work. They crave for fresh meat, raw and preferably from men.
In the last few days I have been scouting around the west side of Amon Sûl, searching for clues of where this scout may have traveled to.
Yesterday I have managed to get my first trace. A group of merchants was ambushed not all to far from Naerost. They described a single orc wearing unusual armor.
And so this is where I shall start my search, I hope it may be fruitfull.