From the journal of Isilyan: 6 - Of friendship, honour and tomorrow

At last my eyes have been opened and my path now stands clearly before. The months of doubt and fear are now over and my spirits soar as a great eagle on the wing. My thoughts now have order and I know what I must do. I feared that I must make a choice between duty and love, a most painful and torturous decision, but now I can see that this was never in question; my loyalty was never in doubt. It is true that I stand at a cross a road, a choice stands before me and it is one that I make with clear conscience. Indeed it is a choice in name only for I know exactly what I must do. The question that has haunted my soul, that has been shrouded in doubt is not of duty nor honour, but simply... do I love her? Has the maiden of my dreams taken form and become real? The act of stepping from my dreams has made Noruihel no less real, my love for her no less true. I know that she feels this way too, for her love for me shines from her eyes and is ever present in her smile. I know that I love her with every fibre of my body, with every beat of my heart, with every moment of every day. My decision is now easy for I have no choice. I will commit my very being to her, and ask her if she would consent to do the same for me. I will ask her to be my wife. I must first seek the blessing of my Tûr, Andarne, for now I can see that this was never about duty nor loyalty, but about whether love had broken onto my heart. It surely has and I no longer need to doubt it.