Tië Mahtarinwa: The Beginning


Feanáro and Nolofinwë were both sons of Finwë, though only half-brothers in blood. Split by quarrel and lies, the division between the sons of the High King extended to their people, the Noldor. Through treason and fear of treason, hatred was sown between these two factions, and for many years they were estranged. The Third Kinslaying sealed in blood this sundering, for kinsmen who once hurried to each other's defence were now forced to wield weapons against each other. In the Second Age, the Noldor seemed to be united once more. There was a new king, Ereinion Gil-galad, and lands yet to be explored and to be built upon. Eregion and Lindon were founded, but mistrust could not be easily erased. Alas, the Third Age is headed to an end. Eregion is no more and the last High King of the Noldor in Endor has long fallen. This is a story of friendship in such an Age. Despite the fading of the Firstborn, a new bond is forged; in understanding and empathy, but quenched with the blood of the Foes of the Eldar.