A letter from the front

My dearest Noruihel, It has been many moons since my duties have allowed me to feel the warmth of your embrace. Your smile has been my constant companion along many paths and has given me the strength to overcome many foes and fell beasts. I hear the sound of your sweet voice in the leaves as they sway gently in the breeze. Even the rain drops as they fall, whisper to me, telling me of your love. I miss you so. Each night I look up to the stars and they give me hope, for though you are many leagues distant, I know that you too gaze upon the same gentle stars. Never before have I experienced such joy and such despair all in the same heart beat. The joy of knowing the love we share and the pain of separation – I feel as though my heart will surely burst. I cannot speak of my mission or even of my location, save that the paths that I walk are dark and give little comfort. I have great pride in the Malledhrim under my command for they are all of great worth. My company are the finest that an officer could wish for, strong, brave and resilient. I have no doubt that we will overcome any enemy that we may encounter and that our mission will be a success. We are as brothers, each relying on the next, as only those that have stood, shoulder to shoulder in battle could do. Each of us would gladly lay down our lives to protect the brotherhood and yet… the thought of leaving you alone fills me with dread. Always my thoughts turn to you my love. I will, of course, do my duty to the upmost of my ability and I will serve The Lady as I always have. Your soldier of service Isilyan, Caun