A decision taken

Laurelindo was in his office at home, checking on his researches, reading his notes again, and sorting out his various works on his desk with a frown, reading through all his notes, looking for an answer to one question that he had noted vaguely on a corner of a parchment before leaving for Eregion.

He was sure he had it somewhere in his notes. Or on a letter from his friend in Mirkwood. He had to. Letter after letter and parchment after parchment found its way to the desk, the floor or even the chair nearby, while Laurelindo finished reading through the documents he had while pacing at the same time.

No… No… Not here… and again no.

Not one mention of the answer he sought could be found among his papers. And the only one able and willing to answer him was currently… In Mirkwood. Again.

It's starting to get seriously annoying. It's… The delay is more than slowing down my researches! At the rate it's going, I'll have more chances of writing a book relating to the danger of frustration on one's mind than to find an antidote to that poison!

Laurelindo paused in his useless pacing and starting to gather up and sort out his notes and letters, while considering the options available to him:

Now, let's see… I can send a letter back to Mirkwood, and hope that the messenger will arrive at destination and will be able to come back safely with an answer soon. That's of course assuming that there's no problem on the road -unlikely as it is- and that my friend can answer me straight away and don't need to do his own researches on the matter or isn't busy -again, very unlikely.

Or… I could go there myself, find out the answer I seek and come back to continue my researches and tests until the next time I get stuck. Lots of traveling for very little reason.

Or I could give up on the valley altogether and go to Mirkwood until I complete that damn research.

Never before did I have that kind of problems. Just since I settled in the valley. Oh sure, it's nice and well protected, but… Every time I need an answer to a question, or an advice, or a sample of something or another, or my friend's opinion on anything, I have to pause what I am doing for weeks or months at a time and wait for a reply before I can start again until it happens all over again.

And now it's happening again and this little project is going strictly nowhere!

Before coming here, when I was interested in something far away, I just travelled there until I was done! I was studying music from the Mirkwood? I went to Mirkwood. I was curious about Lothlorien? I went to Lothlorien. I needed something from Lindon? I went to Lindon. Fast and easy. I needed an answer or was working on a project? I went where I could find my answers and stayed there until I was done. So, alright, I was mostly studying music, but the principle's the same!

Settling down anywhere, being tied down to anything, is the worst idea ever! Damn it all to the Void, I. Give. Up.

I'll leave the valley and I'll leave Vanimar. I'll gather what belongings I'll need, store somewhere or sell what I definitively won't need ever again for I will NOT settle down anywhere again, and go my own way.

First stop Mirkwood, and if I survive it, next stop, Eru only knows until I get there.

Now… To try and convince Tyulussë that traveling again so soon after being back from our little holiday is a good idea or just warn him of my leaving soon?

And what about my books and scrolls?

And what about our little fox?

"Something tells me that it'll be quite some times before I manage to actually leave Imladris." Laurelindo noted absentmindedly, checking on his shelves of books.

Taking a parchment from his desk, Laurelindo started to note down ideas of what he'd need to do before he was ready to leave the valley.


-First, speak with Tyulussë.

And that needs to be done first thing. Failindo at the time may have been used to my disappearance because he was the same, and waking up one morning to find me gone was pretty normal to him, but Tyulussë has never seen me disappear for weeks, months, or years on a mad errant. I'm all for peace between friends, so I need to at least warn him of my departure, at best, convince him to come with me. It might be fun after all. Maybe a tad mad and dangerous but… fun.


-Warn lord Anglachelm that I am leaving Vanimar altogether and from now on will be unavailable.

There is absolutely no way I will stay tied down to Vanimar when I leave Imladris, so...


-Decide what to do of my books and scrolls, and sort out the rest of my belongings.

Should I take an house somewhere else to store my books at least in between two journeys? Definitively not in Imladris though. Maybe in Lothlorien, the place was nice, after all. Or the Grey Havens. I loved the place the last time I was there. Which was… Alright, centuries ago.


-Get rid of everything I won't need nor want to keep. Aka, get rid of everything but a few clothes, my researches, my books, healing supplies and my daggers, knifes and... well a pack of food at least.


-Make sure my horse is in a fit state to travel to Mirkwood.


I think that's all… Now, I need to find Tyulussë and speak with him before he discovers by accident that I'm planning to leave, or before I forget. And I need to send the message to lord Anglachelm that I'm leaving. That is the most urgent things I think. The rest… Can be done easily enough.

Laurelindo nodded vaguely at his list and took a parchment out of his desk and started writing a letter... Before tearing it up in small pieces and throwing it straight in the fire place.

Another parchment followed the same way, and a third, before he gave up, wrote a few lines in a fourth parchment, signed it and made a note to send it to its recipient the following morning. The letter read:


"Lord Anglachelm

In order to complete a research that I feel is very important, I will soon leave the valley of Imladris for the foreseeable future and, as I cannot predict if I will ever come back or when, I am also leaving Vanimar.

Best regards,



A look through the window showed him it was late at night and a mischievous grin appeared on his face. 

No time like the present. Now, should I jump on Tyulussë's bed to wake him up and tell him I am going to leave the valley again soon or to wait until he wakes up later...

Pondering this crucial question, Laurelindo left his office, and locked the door behind him, leaving the letter on the desk to send at a decent time, later.