A Thirteenth Letter To Lord Anglachelm

Another year has ended, the accounts worse than ever; and to hear tales of the southern farmlands burning, great fires spreading from the East, and to see the sight of our people fleeing for the Shores, victim to foul poison - but what use is it to relate the problems of our people, which are known to the whole world by now?  And when this War which everybody has been talking finally breaks out, what fresh destruction awaits?


Permit me then to fight my way home and seek out Captain Brethilion, that I might ask for his daughter's hand at once, and beg assent to marry my sweet Brasseniel. I cannot uphold my duties as Lord Ambassador as you would intend them to be; thereby I must resign my position, and leave my house and anything of value which can be of any service to my friends, and your signet ring which I had the greatest honour to bear.


I thank you for warmly welcoming me to the Valley. Far had I wandered over the mountains, numbed to the heart with cold; and if you had not seen fit to make me your Lord Ambassador, a mark of your good will and friendly bidding, I would not achieved near so much fame nor wisdom. I shall always be grateful for your hundred thousand kindnesses, and hope that such service I offered repaid you in kind as once



Your lordship’s most humble and obedient servant,


Parnard Teludarion.