From the journal of Isilyan: 2 - A chance meeting.

Doron and I rode east to the haven of Esteldin. I do not like this place and I do not trust these mortal men, whether they truly are Dunedain or no.

After dusk I left and just outside the gates I met, quite by chance a lady, now know to me as Malliel.

She was strong and yet delicate a warden and protector of the weak and she wore the emblem of the Malledhrim.

We talked for some time of honour, of duty and of service to The Lady, all things which reminded me of my father… lost so long ago… I have agreed to meet with her Tûr, Andarne, a name that I have heard before and I believe I can trust… trust... it has been long since that word has be uttered by these lips… we shall see.