Last entry in the journal of Celaedir

My father’s journal was found lying beside his bow, “Faradome”, near the east road through the Greenwood. The journal had been torn a sunder but the last page was still intact.

The script was in my father’s hand but had obviously been written in a hurry and lacked his usual flourish.

It read:

We are betrayed! The foul lieutenant of Morgoth is behind this evil plan, his power has grown immensely, but how has this been hidden from our eyes! The yrch, captured last evening, said nothing of his mission before he ended, but the letter that he tried to destroy, written in the black speech, has told much. Their forces have gathered; the order to advance has been given. The time is upon us! I must get word to The Lady – how was this devilry hidden from her sight? She must know our peril is at hand; the Malledhrim must be brought to arms! How have I been so blind? While I have tallied with the craft of the bow, so patiently studied and passed on to my beloved son, The Necromancer has hatched his plan. The signs were there, but only now have my eyes been opened, only now do I see! My son what have I done…

The writing ends abruptly, the paged stained with blood… my father’s blood I fear.