Order of the White Tree

Founding date
In second age by the death of First and High King Elendil in year of 3441 and fall of Sauron
Safeguard the right of Elendil's heirs and all men of Dunadan, in north and in south, equally.
Main area of operations
Gondor, Eriador and wider, wherever Order has its interest
Kinship type
Eldar of Golden Wood and Rivendell, Herenya, Middle men, Dunedain of North, Men of Rohan, Men of Dale, Dwarves of all fathers, and hobbits.
Sauron and its servants, men of darkness, Evil men, orcs and other creatures created by Morgoth.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)
Brethilbar - Herdir (Harbringer) of the Order, Brethilien - Maethor (knight)


Et Eärello 

Endorenna utúlien 

Sinome Maruvan​ 

ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-Metta!

Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come.
In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world

Founded by the death bed of High King Elendil, by the request of Aratan the Bearer of the Broken Sword, From Herenya house of Ochaldor. Aratan was High Kings Sword bearer and after blade was broken by Sauron he guarded the shards until they were sent in Rivendell.

Aratan was modest man born in Numenor, he was one of the ever cautious about Sauron and Ar-Pharzons new ideals about conquest of the Undying lands. He has seen what kinstrife made and he feared history will repeat again with two sons especially after Isildur refused to throw the One ring to the fires of Mount Doom.

All those who were there, heads of families that followed Elendil to MIddle earth, sworn with hand on the shards of Narsil, the Broken Blade, to serve Ideals of the High King Elendil and his house whilst there are days and nights in the Middle earth. 

By age they took over the sign of white tree as symbol of Elendils house with two blades crossed under it roots that symbolize struggle to keep roots and branches clear and healthy.

Order was silent but very active, with many members that never knew other then few other members of the Order, and with thus protecting them from traitors and those that wanted it destroyed since it foundation.


Year of 3015. Sunset of the Third Age


In third age Order has begun to wither, loosing the interest of families that became less interested, or stopped believing the King will return and that Broken blade shall be repaired in days that come. Days became darker, with Mordor spreading its despair over Anduin.

Organization of the Order of the White Tree


Ar-Hatol (sind. Kings Blade) - Head of the order - Man or Woman without name, given the life for the well being of the Order and keeping secrets and plans safe. 

Gurberthir - Council - Advisors - Elderly members of Herenya (Faithful) families that request or advise Ar-Hatol on various problems regarding safety of Gondor, regent, allies and its own families.

Herdir (Master) - Harbringer - Tongue of the Order - He speaks in name of Ar-Hatol and Gurberthir, part of Regents Council of Minas Tirith. Dangerous position as many Herdir's have died violent deaths or were never found. He recruits new members and promotes them to Maethor eventualy.

Maethor (Knights) - Shield and Blade of the Order - Knights of various heritage are recruited from all walks of the life. There you can see ranger of Ithilien, axemen from Lossarnach, marine from Pelargir or a wandering knight from north, some say even elven lords have been seen with sign of the Order.

Benneth (Ally - Recruit) - Men or women that are prospecting members, lending a hand to Knights whether they know it or not, they are marked as Benneth. They may or may not become knights, active by the blade or other kinds of support the Order.


Rules of Conduct

Members of the Order guide themselves with several chivalry based customs of conduct in various situations. Those are Valor, Chastity, Wisdom, Zeal and Empathy.

And thus same apply on the respected players of such characters.

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