To Echad Mirobel

Once again sitting by a fire, in a different camp this time, Laurelindo was writing in his journal:

Tyulussë injured is of the strange specie of beings that needs to be drugged up or dying to stay somewhere and rest. As a result, he only rested for one night before we walked all the way to Echad Mirobel.

Though I managed to have his promise that if something was amiss with his wound he would warn me no matter what.  I manage to make him smile over my armor. Well, I like colors, and I missed it. Tyulussë felt the need to warn me that “if you attract a warg, it’s all yours this time.”

Knowing that a warg is more likely to smell us before they can see us… As I told him, I’ll worry about the colors I wear only if we meet orcs, but then if we are close enough to be noticed, we’ll be too close. It’d means we didn’t notice them sooner and that would be a grave mistake.

 We decided to take a look at a map before leaving since there was some changes since we were last there. And… Even injured, Tyulussë had to charm the elleth who had a map. It was… Fun to watch as always. I swear that elf will feel the need to try and seduce women even in the Hall of Mandos.

But he did came back with a map. Now the question is more did she feel flattered by the attention, did she think it’s her duty to let us take a look at a map to find where we were going or did she do it to cut short his little scene? And even more important, should have I told him that or not… To tease him or not, existential question.


Tyulussë informed me that the lady told him that we should avoid to head east from the road. That there are packs of wolves and wargs to be found in the area.

I could be wrong of course, but I think we were already somewhat aware of it. If Tyulussë’s injury was any indication that is. Or maybe we were wrong and he was attacked by an overgrown rat. Yes, that might have been it.  

As we were starting to walk away from the camp of Echad Dunann, Tyulussë noticed the cloak I was wearing.

That looks awfully familiar” and “I cannot remember if it is mine, or if I stole it from you.”


The dried river bed is sad. Tyulussë and I used to have so much fun around here. I know that the land must evolve, but… it makes a sad landscape as it is.

After a while, we came in sight of the ruins of Echad Mirobel. As Tyulussë said, “this feels a little like coming home” A home in dear need of repair but the feeling is there.

As we came to the ancient bridge, we noted that it is still holding strong. We jumped from there once or twice before. When there was a river under it. And considering, I think we will forever avoid jumping again from that bridge. It’s rather high now… As Tyulussë said: “It would take more than a few bottles of wine to make that mistake again.”

Though the way he said it implied it was already a mistake the first time. And as I recall, the only ones believing it was a mistake at the time, were our parents. The point of jumping was to have fun and we did and we didn’t drown (which, when we think of it, was a true miracle), hence, it wasn’t a mistake.

As I told him that, Tyulussë replied that our parents used to think that everything we did was a mistake. Well, no. My father used to think that my almost burning his forge was on purpose. Which is entirely wrong because, frankly, had I done it on purpose, I wouldn’t have STAYED there to the risk of being burnt with it.

I may have been young and stupid, but not suicidal, thank you very much.

We found refuge in the camp of Echad Mirobel. A camp with walls and no roof. Perfect to watch the stars, but not that good to keep the rain out.

For once, since Tyulussë admitted to be glad to be at the end of our journey for today, due to his wound no doubt, I was the one who asked for the camp leader’s approval to stay here. And Tyulussë noted that “You could have been more charming.”

To which I answered that I would be afraid to outshine him if I tried. He asked if it was a challenge. And if I didn’t think that he would take the risk to worsen his wound if I answered it was, I would have make it one. But as it is…

I don’t know who taught you how to charm a person, Laure, but it certainly was not me. Perhaps I should give you lessons” Said the one sore due to an injury.

He will never change. Not that he should, really.