The Network

Founding date
Main area of operations
Bree mainly, but operations can stretch to other regions
Organisation type
Criminal Organisation
Racial type
Organisation teaser
A criminal group looking to promote organised crime
Organisation status
Active and recruiting


((Please note, this list is strictly for ooc purposes, you wouldn't know a member unless you found out ic))

Inquisitor: Interrogation, internal policing, manipulation.

Scalphunter: Abduction, murder, robbery.

Lamplighter: Courier, surveillance.

Enforcer: Assault, money collection, marshaling events, bodyguards.

Shoemaker: Forgery, black markets, fraud, fronts.

Pavement artist: Tailing targets, burglary, pick pocketing.

These job titles roughly show the roles that a member will fill, but they can still take part in other activities, these are just guidelines.

Lorgorim 'Legbreaker' Surefoot: Founder of the Network.

Nogfrid Anvettssen: Inquisitor

Ruevir: Scalphunter

Sunsciene: Lamplighter

Yurri: Enforcer

Jorich: Enforcer

Cerriel: Enforcer

Hesagor: Enforcer

Vemia Oakwing: Pavement Artist


Shemm: Lamplighter


See for the Network Chronicle.

The Network was formed originally by a chance meeting between a disgruntled dwarf and an ambitious hobbit. Both had struggled in their goals, and both could help the other be stronger. It was this that inspired the expansion of this arrangement from a small partnership to a business. The partners began to look to employ workers, others like them who had been rejected, failed, become weak. They brought together those outcasts that would join, gave them work and a purpose. That purpose was to become strong in a world that had turned its back on them. The Network began as a small criminal group which took advantage of the amount of crime and lack of effective law enforcement in Bree-land to conduct its criminal activities, to gain power and coin. However, since then the ambitions of the members have made the network become something more. They now look to bring together other criminals in Bree-land and further a field, allowing criminal groups to communicate and work with one another, to put aside petty squabbles for the sake of their goals, to gain even more strength, even more power, no matter the cost.

OOC This is a bandit group that focuses on organized crime, such as robberies and fraud. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join and take up a criminal role, or maybe be an informant against the network if they get away with it, message Lorogrim or Yurri for details.


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