Founding date
To bring immersive roleplay to the realms of Lothlórien and Mirkwood.
Main area of operations
Mirkwood and Lothlórien.
Kinship type
Often the varying folks of Dale. Occasionally the Woodsmen of the Vale and the Beornings. Elves.
The Brood of Ungoliant. Any of whom would attempt to invade the borders of the Silvan lands.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)
Taurithon Glanlotiel Lasmeril Glahadron


Original link can be found here: Image source: MGM Studios, "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug" (2013) Edited by Lasmeril.

(I-Calen-Tirith : Sindarin: The Green Guard)

I-Calen-Tirith was formed at SA 550 by King Oropher after he had set his rule over Greenwood the Great. Before his coming, the lands surrounding Greenwood were home to the descendants of the Nandor and a few of the wandering Avari of whom together made up the Silvan Elves. His coming and proceeding rule lead to the creation of the Woodland Realm with himself becoming the first entitled King of Greenwood.

Such a realm required protectors. Protectors of whom would stand vigilant against adversity no matter the cost. Protectors of whom are skilled in utilizing the landscape of the Woodland Realm to their advantage, so that they may thwart any advances hostile forces would take against them. It was the necessity for such sentinels which lead to the creation of I-Calen-Tirith; as well as many other sects and groups of a militaristic nature. 

King Oropher partook of the of the War of the Last Alliance, leading up to the Battle of Dagorlad at the year of SA 3434. He marched under the leadership of Gil-Galad to stop the uprising of Sauron. Though the Silvan Elves of whom had accompanied him had been lightly armed, they took the fight to the enemy in a preemptive charge before any order was given by Gil-Galad. This ended up being a total disaster. The majority of the Silvan host including King Oropher fell in the fighting to the forces of Sauron. His son Thranduil took up the mantle of king and the remaining Silvan Elves rallied around him. Once the war was finished with the defeat of Sauron by the actions of Gil-Galad, Elendil and his son Isildur. Thranduil made way back to the Woodland Realm with the surviving Silvan Elves and has ruled over it ever since. 

I-Calen-Tirith had been chosen to stay behind during the War of the Last Alliance. They were tasked with protecting the borders while the war raged on. So it is that they received the returning Silvan Elves with heavy hearts. Swearing unfaltering loyalty to their new King. They set themselves to protect the Woodland Realm with an almost fanatical vigor ever since.

The Wardens and Sentinels of I-Calen-Tirith act as a subtle elite. Well endowed with knowledge and experience in ambushes as well as concealed maneuvering and manipulation. Each member of whom takes a militaristic role in I-Calen-Tirith knows the complex series of winding routes upon the land of Mirkwood as well as the routes set naturally within the great canopies of their woodland home like the back of their hands. Every Sentinel acts as a link in a chain; together they are strong. If one weakness makes itself shown the entire chain crumbles. Because of this. Each Sentinel is an accomplished archer as well as a capable swordsman. This is reinforced to a high degree with daily forms of practice and training so that they may efficiently defend their home from their enemies.

I-Calen-Tirith hosts many opportunities for roleplayers of whom wish to immerse themselves within the lands of Mirkwood and Lothlórien. 

The variations of roles accepted are:

Sentinel: The fighting heart of I-Calen-Tirith. They act as the swift blade pointed at the throats of invaders. It is the Sentinels of whom would be deployed to outflank a potentially dangerous being and wait for the opportune moment to strike from the shadows or the great canopies of the trees. The Sentinels are renown for being subtle assailants, a quick strike in and out. If their first strike didn't see the eradication of any invaders. The Sentinels would set themselves back into a favorable position so that they may strike again in the most efficient and effective manner they can muster at the time. The Sentinels are deployed to quell minor threats before they can grow into true dangers for the Woodland Realm. If their efforts would not be enough to quell such a threat alone the Wardens are called in to support.

Warden: A defensive role. Where the Sentinels are the bows and blades. The Wardens are the shields and armor of I-Calen-Tirith. It is they of whom would openly set themselves to face dangerous hosts of invaders up front and stand toe to toe with their enemy. The Wardens are picked from the most resolute, physically strong and formidable of I-Calen-Tirith for the dangers they regularly face require nothing less then such to survive.

Waywatcher: The Waywatchers of Mirkwood act on a majority front as scouts. The Waywatchers are the mobile eyes and ears of I-Calen-Tirith. At times they may be set to watch over a certain route or position and at other times they would be used to convey missives and messages to the other sects within I-Calen-Tirith. It is the Waywatchers of whom call the alarm should an invasive force make way towards the occupied settlements and enclaves of Mirkwood. The Waywatchers usually either work alone or in pairs. It is rare to see them banded together in a group, but when they do they are a force to be reckoned with. Many invaders that have blighted Mirkwood have faced the Wardens and the Sentinels in conflict believing their supply routes to be secure, their escape routes left open. Many times in the past this has not been the case. The Waywatchers are notorious trackers and are renowned for their stealthy actions. Many a supply caravan of outsiders as well as invaders have met either a premature ending or have decided to change their minds about entering the borders of Mirkwood all together due to the actions of the Waywatchers. 

Civilian: Any Eldar of whom wishes to partake of a peaceful role is more then welcome to do so. We welcome anyone of whom wishes to take a part in our attempt to revitalize the lands of Mirkwood and Lothlórien with active and immersive roleplay playing such a role. Examples of Civilian roles: Bard. Stablehand. Barber. 

Crafter: Every community needs a means of sustaining itself. Any character of whom is dedicated to crafting, even if it is crafting alone. Is more then welcome amongst us.

Diplomat: The Silvan Elves of the Woodland Realm are isolationists on a majority front. But there may be times where one skilled with words will be sent out to forward the interests of I-Calen-Tirith, so that they may more effectively protect their home. Such a role comes with big responsibilities.

Healer: Every community needs those of whom practice the healing arts. Such is truly refined in the multiple variations of Elvish culture. Any Elvish characters of whom dedicate their lives to such arts are more then welcome amongst us.

We only accept Elvish characters amongst us. Following the ideals of the Eldar of the Silvan lands and primarily the ideals of King Thranduil. It was noted by Tolkien that the Silvan Elves were "different from the High Elves of the West, and were more dangerous and less wise." ((The Hobbit, Third Edition. Page 155)). Some of them were also described as being almost indistinguishable from the Avari. This is of course a broad set of generalizations and so interpretations of them would be down to the player. We would just ask that such interpretations are justified by what we know already of the Avari.

There are of course rules of which we all must abide by if we are to uphold and maintain a mature, friendly community. Racism or abuse on an OOC front will not be tolerated and will result in the kicking of the offender. With that in mind. A broad, vibrant, mature sense of humor is a plus. We all strive to have fun after all! 

We understand that leveling characters can be seen as tedious. A chore to many players of whom simply do not enjoy it. That doesn't make what we hope to accomplish easy by any means. It will take dedication from the players to see that their character reaches the level of 60 to gain access to Mirkwood. From level 55 upwards characters are able to roam through Lothlórien without being attacked by the local mobs. To help you along. We do run a power leveling service daily. Where high level characters will take lower level characters through skirmishes. This is only granted to players of whom show that they are trying. Showing that they truly wish to get involved. This involves leveling up their own characters by their own efforts. The use of skirmishes to boost lower level characters has been proven to be the fastest way of leveling characters. Double experience tomes naturally make the process a whole lot faster.

If you are interested in joining or learning more. Contact any officer via in game tells or mail. Feel free to also send an officer a message using the Laurelin Archives mail service. We look forward to reviving roleplay within Mirkwood and Lothlórien with your aid and companionship.

May Oromë keep the hunt at bay during your passing.


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