Blade For Hire

Founding date
1st of September
To authenticate mercenary role-play
Main area of operations
Wherever we happen to be when a contract is given
Kinship type
Those that pay
Those that don't
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)
Halsarn, Geirdrifa, Keirnar, Hofgaer, Nellye, Nendnar


Blade For Hire.

A simple concept for a simple motive: to be paid for your skills in battle, on and off the field; to navigate your way through a political landscape as a middle-man without allegiance- and at the end of it all to walk away with enough coin to buy your next drink.

The kinship establishes an OOC collective of mercenary characters, and the title above our heads is an advert only for our character's profession. We do not exist as a uniformed, IC entity. There is no banner, no company, and no guild-like reputation to be held accountable for. Each mercenary role-player governs themselves and earns merit based on their own performance. As such their IC fame or notoriety shall be individual to their character.

All members are encouraged to healthily compete IC, against one another, or with one another for contracted jobs; to self advertise; to cultivate a reputation of quality over quantity; and to be the best at your role-play. If certain jobs demand the use of several mercenaries, members can organise themselves into a hand-picked troop with an appointed captain for the duration of that contract only. After that, it's back to hunting down the next job- and getting there first!

So do you have what it takes to serve other banners, but fly none of your own? The next time somebody is in need of a mercenary, will it be your character that is named? Be friends OOCly, and frenemies IC - join up now!



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