Blackwater Blades

Founding date
To earn grow in number, earn reputation, and profit.
Main area of operations
Kinship type
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Iydra Blackwater formed the Blackwater Blades shortly after her return to Bree from the Lonelands​. A sellsword company based in and around Bree-land, and on special occasions, other locations. Seeking to build both reputation as a company, and to gain profit from contracts.

Hiring us: Blackwater Blades can be hired by anyone, but they are not to be confused with assassins, and will promptly decline a job offer if they feel that unlawful murder is in question.

Signed Contracts: Blackwater Blades will fulfill signed contracts unless the agreements are broken by their employers. 

Lieutenants (( Officers )): 




Identification: All Blackwater Blades members wear a wrap on their arm or shoulder bearing the crest of the company.



Out of character rules:

No trollling.

No meta-gaming.

No god-modding.

Treat others as you would treat yourself, be they in the kinship, or not. Unless you're not very nice to yourself.

Stick to the lore of Lotro.

Don't try to hire the blackwater blades on an alternate character, this will result in the contract being refused, or becoming void. As it borders meta-gaming.


In-character rules:

Avoid taking a life unless deemed necessary for your own survival.

Do not assault your fellow Blackwater Blades unless attacked first.

Inform your company if you plan to take a travel trip.

Do not take jobs from other sellsword companies.





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