Founding date
March 2014
Vigilantes of Bree-Town; rid Bree of rapists, murderers, and any of the worst scum.
Main area of operations
Kinship type
Those who threaten the commanman of Bree.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Indignation was founded by local twins of Bree-town, Harlyn and Amerry. The creation of Indignation was the start of a quickly-growing radical movement against the perceived corruption of noble families slipping into Bree-land from different regions about Middle-Earth for a myriad of reasons. Initially Indignation's primary motive was to make a point; the nobles were no more above the law than common thieves and other rabble of the streets, and to subject them to the same persecution  they would undergo for breaking laws.


Being a radical movement, the only way to force this was to break the law themselves. Ranks quickly grew, order of command was established, and a functioning group developed. As being extremists of sorts, any means necessary to achieve the goal at hand would often be permitted, no matter how severely contradicting it would make their motives appear; there was no belief that a bucket of water would put out a wildfire. Very little can sway the motives or mindset of the group.


Indignation. The feeling of anger provoked by unfair treatment.


Threats and drawn blades will do little to hinder Indignation's plans nor their efforts, which are constantly adapting to compensate for the endless changes that seep through into what they consider to be their rightful threshold. The harder one pushes against Indignation, the harder they will fight back.


When Indignation brought themselves to be teetering to the brink of war with the Noble Houses and their allies, events became grim on both ends--a moot was called in a last-ditch effort to prevent blood from being spilt. Demands were agreed upon, thus changing the motives of the group...For so long that the treaty is not broken. For while the treaty remains, goals shifted to protecting the people of Bree direction: Aiding the people however they may, being protectors, rather than instigators. 


After a disappearance of the twins and mainly any other members, they have all returned, seeking to take on a full role of vigilantism; mistrusting the Watch to do anything for their city.




1. Do not start fights related to Indignation without direct orders from Harlyn or an officer. If attacked first, by all means fight back—but do not instigate the fight yourself.


2. You may participate in other indirect ordeals separate from the group and their goal; if it is a conflict, do not drag it Indignation if at all possible.


3. Godmodding and Overpowered characters are not tolerated. So just don't.


4. Take arguments over emotes or anything of similar nature to tells. If someone is harassing you over the nature of the group, please send a message to Harlyn or an officer. We want to keep a good reputation, and clashing heads OOC isn't fun for anyone. In general, don't be rude OOC to anyone, and direct them to the aforementioned people if they continue to be hostile.


5. If someone is found to be a problem OOC and even IC (GM'ing, et cetera) please alert Harlyn or an officer to deal with the situation. We will blacklist unacceptable RP related to Indignation if the need arises. Ask in Kinship for names of those who are blacklisted.


6. Feel free to remind your Kinmates of rules if they seem to be breaking them! But don't backseat moderate to a degree as if you are an officer, nor try and tell the leader and officers how to run the kin. Input is more than welcome, but you will not be in good standing if you are a new member attempting to restructure the kin to your personal preferences. Once more, alert Harlyn or an officer to deal with anyone within the group who is having issues.


7. If you are interested in joining, please contact Harlyn or an officer, either on here or in game! You will be reviewed to check if we think you'll thrive in the group: RP competency, maturity, understanding of the Kins goal, and the such will be involved in the analysis. You may be asked to talk to multiple officers before being accepted.  

8. Do not provoke nobles into attack for the sake of just doing so. Doing this will cause you to be expelled from Indignation. 

9. We are a small-ish kin and can only handle so much. Act carefully before making deadly enemies that will hinder plans and events.


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