Eored of the Wayward

Founding date
When Theoden king waned.
To create and conduct roleplay for the Eorlingas, to aid in establishing foothold for roleplay in Rohan.
Main area of operations
None specifically - characters have a right to go where they wish.
Kinship type
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Riddermark lies in peril; it's folk have have fallen to grief. Evil beasts, creatures, and men walk upon the meadows that were once fair; they go unchecked, unchallenged, and they say that this goes by the will of their King. 


The flame of their songs once sang while they brought steel down upon foes; now quenched by the songs of their lamentation. Their farms once grown with life; now burnt black with death. Those horse-king that was once proud; now harkens only to ill council.


No aid will come from their once great alliance; the conflict upon their boarders has only grown greater. The Riddermark lies in peril; their folk stand alone in plight. The golden hair once tall; now bowed with their lowered spears. 


The days have gone down in the west. Behind the hills into shadow. 


Eored of the Wayward




Unlike it is suggested, this is no Eored, yet, at least. An Eored is rather a long term goal, but something of the like would require many Riders. The goal of the Eored is not like that of many Kinships. Instead it is to plan and to create frequent weekly roleplay in the Riddermark, delving into the rich culture of J.R.R Tolkien's Rohirrim, as based on the Anglo-saxons. This concept is very experimental, but I am confident and determine to see it grow. I want to see a Rohan rich with roleplay.

Weekly events will be created, and anyone who plays an Eorling is most welcome to join me in Rohan. But always keep in mind that the concept is highly experimental, and progress can only be made if players take growing interest in events and participate.




Roleplay in Rohan


​My devices are not very much edging to combat-related roleplay. Events of the like will happen very(possibly not at all) seldom. Why? Because I would like to have characters of all levels able to participate in the events that I am to conduct. I understand that every now and then everyone would like some action in some of their character's lives, but it can indeed be obtained by other means. This is part of the objective, is it not? Allowing players to grow independent, so that they would eventually stop depending on events to obtain roleplay in Rohan. So that folk with mutual interest can gather together at any willing time and roleplay. But for now, combat related events are highly unlikely. 

    I like to be fair to those who's characters are under-leveled and cannot walk about in Rohan without their character being one-shotted by a random mob(Which can target an under-leveled character from very far away), and thus sending you back to a low level location, wasting a Mithril Coin(These can be used to swift-travel to Snowbourn in Rohan via a Stable-Master - a character on any level can do this - however, they are only obtainable via the Lotro Store or by a lucky Hobbit Present![Your chances are low though- sorry!]). 


Roleplay in Rohan is most likely to take place in a fixed location, which I intend to be Snowbourn. Why Snowbourn? Because Snowbourn, in my opinion, is the most roleplay friendly place in Rohan. There are numerous buildings in Snowbourn that can be used for various roleplaying purposes; even houses that players can use for their character's individual home(Keep in mind that there are very few. 3, specifically, if my count is correct). It lightens the plight of not being able to correctly '/sit'(Silly Turbine) on any chairs in Rohan. Snowbourn's walls being ancient and built by the Sea-Kings of old also means that it would be an ideal location for many folk on the Eastern side of the Entwash to seek refuge within for safety. 


Story Lines


I cannot promise any active, enthralling story lines at the given moment. Something like this would require a fair amount of folk interested, and it would be difficult to do with low-level characters. 


Active Story-lines


A Tale of Love and Vengeance​






  • Recruitment for The Eored of the Wayward is extremely strict. Above all else I value a good, stable environment and to keep the company of friendly-folk who will not be troublesome in any way. This is a main priority to me, and because of this I am extremely stubborn as to who I allow into the Kinship. 
  • Strictly characters hailing of Rohan only. 
  • Your character(s) is/are not specifically required to be in Rohan. The Kinship is for like minded folk with common interest for Eorling roleplay, where abouts, and the character's purposes and personal ideals of the like does not matter - as long as it remains lore friendly. 
  • There is no IC leader. You as a player or character will not be bound to the kinship, and are welcome to come and go as you please. Provided that it is within reason, of course.
  • For example, recruitment will be more player based as I prefer to keep the company of reasonable and mature folk that would give no grief to me or my kin-folk. For this reason if you have a friend who is of kin-member or higher rank then you may have your friend speak on your behalf and you will be given entry into the kinship. Though know that both you and your friend will be held accountable should things fall ill!




All drawings on this page were done by me, the edits so that they would fit with the back ground of the Laurelin Archives was done by a very good friend of mine who specializes in Photoshop of which I have no idea how to use.

The lovely banner was done by Ulcwyne



Thank you very much! 





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