A small update


My dear Lady Fyxe,


We have arrived in Esteldin and had a chance to look around. The situation in the north is indeed troublesome. 

It appears the Angmarim are trying to reclaim the old kingdom of Fornost, and a whole army of orcs, goblins and wargs are fighting the defenders there. I have no doubt we'll be joining the fighting soon enough. 
I hope you are well, and I look forward to seeing you once more. 




Dear Captain,


Thank you for your letter. When you say a whole army, what numbers are you speaking of? Hundreds? Thousands? I can understand the Angmarim wishing to take Fornost, the place is a bastion and a good place to get a foothold, after which they can spread easily to the rest of the Northdowns, causing havoc.


Thank you again for the information you have given, any more you can give would be most gratefully received. I trust you will stay safe.


Lady Fyxe