Esquires of the Riddermark

Founding date
Third Age - Date Unknown
Establishing Rohirric roleplay in Rohan with connections to Bree-land.
Main area of operations
Rohan / Bree-land
Kinship type
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Current Leaders:


Brego: Irwthryth

Brega: Ferawyn

Irwinn, father of Irwthryth


About the Esquires of the Riddermark


Preface: The House of Edelwine and the Founding of the Esquires of the Riddermark

The House of Edelwine was founded by Edelwine of Rohan near the middle of the Third Age and existed for many generations. About TA 3016, under the leadership of Edelred, kin to Edelwine, the House mustered a group of twenty or thirty Rohirrim to investigate rumors of Isengard’s hostility to Rohan. Upon arriving at the Gap the small Eored was ambushed after crossing the Isen in pursuit of a few orcs by a larger force and driven north. Edelred led the remnants of his Eored to Bree, where they were to rest and resupply for the journey home.

However, in TA 3016 the House of Edelwine underwent a change in order to accommodate the changes that had taken place following the ambush. The House of Edelwine had grown far beyond a small Rohirric House and instead, was more like a fully functioning Eored, and was hence turned into the Esquires of the Riddermark, a military, protective militia that would prepare all remaining Rohirrim to act as one and hone their tactics, to better prepare for the journey home, as the passages to Rohan were all but safe, and a larger, more cohesive, unifying Kinship would be needed. It was during this time that Edelred, leader of the Esquires and last heir to the House of Edelwine went on a scouting raid, never to return.


Future Goals:

The Esquires have lingered long enough in Bree-land. It is now time to return home to Rohan, where they are needed the most. Under the leadership of Irwthryth, the Esquires of the Riddermark will begin their long journey home, a home that is currently infested with enemies.

While traveling upon a road filled with dangers, the Esquires will be on a constant search for various people of various kinship, interested in establishing relations with the Esquires of the Riddermark, and keep such relations nourished, so that more people of Rohan can find their way home and remain as safe as possible while doing so.

Once arrived in Rohan, the focus will be on creating and maintaining a healthy and thriving Rohirric community. A community of kinships with the interest of roleplaying in Rohan. As well as continue helping people of Riddermark who have strayed far from their homeland, return once again.

[Update April 29th, 2014:]

Dormant until further notice.

Please note that we are a heavy RP kin solely for characters of Rohirric Origin.

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