Michel Delving Market (bi-weekly hobbit event)

Hobbits, come visit the market in Michel Delving! There's many a thing young folk just starting out can use, as well as chatting, music and dancing for all. Come join us!

August 10th, 2020
7:30 pm uk time / 2:30 pm server time (bi-weekly)
Michel Delving (at the big oven), The Shire

Event details:

Although we in the Shire enjoy peaceful times, young hobbits are sometimes feeling a bit adventurous, and their first journey tends to bring them to Michel Delving, often with little more than the shirt on their back and a few coins in their pocket. Now Postmaster Proudfoot is certainly happy to have the additional help, and our Second Shirriff, Master Bodo Bunce, always says that many a fine Bounder has come from these young ones. But it takes more than a shirt and trousers of rough cloth on your body and ma's kitchen knife in your hand to deal with the pesky shrews and aggressive boars around Michel Delving.

So some of the residents of Michel Delving, Waymeet, and the Southfarthing skilled in various crafts have decided to come together and make clothes and armour, weapons, food rations, dyes, useful trinkets, and other things that young hobbits not yet past their tweens might find useful, and to organise a market in Michel Delving to sell them. Miss Lina has kindly agreed to provide musical entertainment, so do drop by, be it to sell your wares, to shop at the stalls, to listen to the music, or simply to chat.

The market is open every other monday and tuesday, from 7:30-8:30 pm uk time.


OOC details:

The market is basically open to all. We only ask that you keep in kind with the ideas behind the market:

First, we want to create a lively hobbit market atmosphere in Michel Delving, with sales going on, folk advertising their wares, people taking the chance to exchange gossip, music and dancing. This is done both for the people enjoying rp on Laurelin, as well as for newcomers that try out the server (just imagine coming out of the starting area and stumbling into a market), so they get a favourable first impression of Laurelin and the hobbit life. Therefore, if possible, please attend with a hobbit (or dwarf) and behave accordingly at all times. It is grand fun!

Second, we want to offer cheap but nice equipment (not ingredients) for low levels. This is especially targeted at newcomers, who don't have much money at the start. So we generally offer our wares well below auction house prices and also often sell at a loss. If you come to offer your wares, please keep that in mind and do not ask high prices. We want newcomers to be impressed by the friendliness and generosity of people on Laurelin, not by their economy skills.

Third, if you are selling, expect to stand there for an hour and not make a single sale at all. Sometimes the market is very busy, at other days there's no customers at all. That's why it's best not to come there with the intention of closing sales, but to spend a nice evening with friends and to help generate a hobbit market atmosphere.


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