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Eglanion (Lance)


High Captain

ResidenceCaptain's Quarters in the Soldier's Tier of Minas Tirith

People of Minas Tirith

Outward Appearance

Information known to the Public:

Race/Ethnicity: Gondorian

Date of Birth: 19th day of Nénimë in the year of 2978

Name/s: High Captain Eglanion is his formal name, which the Eglan- means forsaken and the -ion means ‘son of’.  This name serves as a modification of Eglanion’s true name, but no one knows of Lance's true name.   Either way, almost everyone refers to Lance as either Captain or Lance depending on their vocation. 

Skin Tone: Lance's skin is not soft in the slightest.  Because of many years training in combat, his skin is more calloused and thickened.  Many cuts scatter across his face and across his body, but there aren’t any extreme scars enough for someone to notice unless they look close.

Height: Lance appears to be shorter than most of his peers as well as those under him.

Body Type: Lance is slim in frame and a somewhat athletic build.   He is not bulky nor does he appear to have a muscular shape with narrow shoulders and a slim waist.  This makes many people conclude that Lance lacks the strength of many of his fellow soldiers including the soldiers who work under him.  Although some might pass this small frame on youth for he does appear young, others might assume it is just a case of bad breeding.

Eye Color: The eyes of this man have a dark ring around the iris.  Tendrils of this darkness reach in to the iris with bright blue color shimmering out through it all.  There wouldn't be any warmth in their color, but the brilliancy of the blue color would be very noticable. 

Hair:  Lance always keeps his hair cut very short.  A chunk of his hair wraps around the frame of his face as it has a naturally rough texture to it.  It was clear he didn't spend much time caring for it save for when he needed to be cut.

Facial Structure: With thin cheeks and a narrow chin, Lance does have a pretty look about his face.  None of the details of his face come across as extremely predominate, but they do have a very adolescent look about them.  His skin is smooth with only a few scratches marking his features and his lips are full in their own right (despite having little color and appearing to be almost chapped).  His nose is straight with little roundedness to it, but there is an ever so slight curve to its shape indicating it has been broken before in the past.  Most people assume Lance is a young man and is probably in his twenties.

Face Claim: The model Benthe De Vries is the best reference to what Lance looks like. However, the moderators of this source do not permit photographs to be uploaded. If you want to see more as to what Lance might look like, visit here

Education: Lance learned how to read and write from a young age due to his father’s insistence of his education (even if the man never came around).  Due to his mother almost solely raising him, Lance learned how to cook, clean, and tend to a house.  Between running away from home to join the Gondorian military and spending much of his childhood with a retired soldier, Lance learned how to fight very well.  As Lance moved up in class, he did begin to study more academic texts and currently serves as an occasional guest lecturer at the university in Minas Tirith. 

Languages Spoken: Westron is Lance’s main language and the only one he knew very well.  Over the years, Lance became fairly fluent in Gondorian Sindarin; however, he still has a bit of an accent when speaking the language.

Weapons: On an average basis, Lance merely carries around his personal one-handed shortsword.  However, he is prefers a two handed longsword for it is easier for him to generate force using the weight of the sword.  Along with the swords, Lance is also adept in archery and fighting with axes for if he ever needs to.

Special Abilities/Skills: There are many abilities Lance possesses by default, but the one skill he has the most ability in is the ability to lie.  Because Lance has such extensive control over his emotional output, he is able to keep people from reading into the words he says.  Also with the aid of this emotional control, Lance has a special skill at staying calm in overly stressful situations that has helped him earn his rank.

Pets/Other: Currently, Lance has a young dog given to him by one of the men who serves him.  The dog is often cared for by his servent Glasdir; however, Lance can occasionally seen with the pup following behind him.  He does have a horse by the name of Lothuial that is typically cared by the stable hands in Minas Tirith.   Lothuial is a surprisingly large beast with a speckled brown coat much alike the appaloosa breeds of horses.  Standing 17 hands tall, Lothuial stands at a similar height to his average thoroughbred counterparts.  But his pelt's white hue distributed by dark brown spots and long brown main makes him stand out quite a bit in his majestic glory.


Personality: Lance is a dry sort of personality by default.  His expression is typically neutral and almost apathetic in everything he does.  His voice carries a soft tone with a hint of a rasp as if he perpetually has a cold and often comes out in a monotone expression.  Everything about the way he carries himself is fairly apathetic, but the words he speaks are different.  When off duty in a non-formal setting, Lance often times make snarky remarks which gives him a reputation of being rude although his true intent is to be amusing.  He tries to crack jokes, but often times due to the unwavering of his tone and expression, the jokes come across as awkward and makes social situations grow uncomfortable.  He is not the type to go off and cause mayhem, but at the same time he is not the type to grow upset at other people's childish antics.  In fact, there are very little actions he truly cares about.  He'll only pretend to care about things such as theft and the like due to the nature of his job. 


Lance was the daughter of a wealthy merchant born in a small town called Tadrent outside of Dol Amroth in the Belfalas region of Gondor.  His father was a man so dedicated to his work, much like Lance,  that most of the locals around them were surprised he had time to create a child with his wife, Nemirel.  But while Lance's father was gone on yet another trip from their home, a baby girl named Eglanien was born.  This little girl was Lance in the earliest years of his life.  This beautiful baby made everyone around her seem to adore her immediately.  Never once did Eglanien find an adult who hated her despite her childish and tomboy antics for she often came across as adorable instead of naughty.  One man Eglanien became close to was a man by the name Levanien –a retired solider with a gruff appearance and a reputation for his negative attitude- who lived in a house next to Eglanien and her mother..  Yet for some reason, this gruff man held a soft spot for young Eglanien.  

"What are you doing, lass?" was the question he always asked her every time for the little girl always had some mischievous antic up her sleeve.  But then one day when she began to pick a fight with the neighborhood boys and be defeated heavily, the old man decided it was time the girl knew how to defend herself.

"Girls are not meant to fight," Eglanien still remembers her mother saying to this day.  "If she is to cause these troubles, then she is to stay indoors and behave like a proper lady."

"She needs to be able to defend herself, Nemirel," Levanien responded lazily.  In all honesty, Levanien never truly saw Eglanien as a young lady but instead as the son he never had.

Nemirel refused to give up her position as to how Eglanien would spend her days, but in the end, Levanien still managed to sneak Eglanien away from her daily chores of cooking and cleaning to learn combat.  Her mother planned for Eglanien to become a proper lady of who she wished to marry off to a wealthier family someday.  Often times her mother would talk about her want of a higher quality of life for Eglanien, but this life plan didn't seem to match well for Elganien.  As Levanien would tell her stories of his time as a solider, she began to long to become something greater than her mother's life plan for her.  Confusion began to set into Eglanien as she realized she could never fit in with the other girls who had grown to dislike her for her antics nor could she ever reach her mother’s expectations.  The only place she felt herself excel in happened to be Levanien’s training.  Because of such, when Eglanien neared the age of sixteen and Nemirel declared who Eglanien's husband was to be, her fear began to intensify.  The realization that she was going to lose all control of her still confused future destroyed Eglanien internally.

"I can't let this happen, Levanien," Eglanien muttered out one evening as she sat at Levanien's kitchen table.  Her head rested against her arms and her eyes shut softly.

"What are you on about kid?" Levanien asked in return.

"I can't let myself get married off.  I feel like something's wrong with it.  I feel it in my gut," Eglanien responded.

Levanien shook his head as he sat down beside the young teenage girl and rest his hand on her shoulder, "Cultural formalities, kid.  Sometimes you can't break them no matter how much you want to."

Eglanien shrugged his hand off as her eyes fluttered open and she stood to her feet, "You’ve always told me to follow my gut, Levanien.”

Silence fell between the two for a long time before Levanien turned his back to Eglanien, “So I did.”  His raspy voice escaped him in a quiet muffle as he realized what was going through Eglanien’s mind.  But he never tried to stop her.  To this day, Eglanien still wonders why.  A question she never found the answer to after she left home and never returned.

The next day, Nemirel found Eglanien’s bed empty with nothing but a note left in her absence.  That was the last day Eglanien was ever a woman.  Because of the patriarchal​ nature of the  Gondorian culture and its army, the feminine identity of Eglanien died and Eglanion -a masculine modification of the name Eglanien-  replaced the young woman.  Eglanion became a young page boy for a wealthier man serving the military in Dol Amroth when he was sixteen.  The man, who assumed Eglanion to be a poor orphan, took the young boy under his wing.  When Eglanion neared the age of twenty, he signed on for the military and began trained working as a guard for local nobles to the city.  It was not an easy task for Eglanion to keep his secret and there were times the other men often tried to convince him to participate in games that would lead to their discovery of Eglanion's secret. 

“You comin’ Lance?”  One of the men, Geoldir, who typically took more sympathy on the awkward Eglanion than the others once asked him as the men left the barracks.

“Where are you going?”  Eglanion, who still sat on his bed, asked in his raspy voice that he had come accustomed to naturally deepening in order to sound more masculine.

“Just rained this morning, so some of us guys decided that we wanted go have some fun in the mud.  It’s gonna be some great fun, you don’t want to miss out on it this time,” Geoldir responded with a beaming grin of his crooked and poorly maintained teeth.

Eglanion's lips pursed before he directed his gaze to his hands that rested in his lap, “No thank you, Geoldir.  I have other things I need to work on before I could ever spend my time goofing off.”

Another man who disliked Eglanion quite a bit poked his head in after listening to the brief conversation.  His gaze glared at Eglanion for a moment before his boisterous voice came out in a loud tone, “Just leave him, Geoldir.  He’s always all work and no play.  I swear he just wants to make the rest of us look bad with how perfect he is.”  And with that, the man’s head disappeared again leaving Eglanion with a feeling of a heavy rock in his stomach.

“Oh no, it’s not that…”  Eglanion's eyes glanced up to Geoldir with a sudden panic, “I just-”

Geoldir’s hand raised to cut him off, “Don’t pay any heed to him, Lance.  He is just jealous that he can’t manage to do well in training.  I’ll see you later.”  And before Eglanion could respond, Geoldir slipped away to leave him alone in the barracks.

Somehow, perhaps by sheer luck, Eglanion always managed to find a way to protect his secret at every turn at the cost of his own reputation and any personal bonds with his peers. But thanks to his overly focused demeanor, nothing could stop Eglanion from excelling in training many years. Eglanion began to move up in rank through promotions and eventually found himself assigned to the position of First Lieutenant under High Captain Aedren in Minas Tirith.  After some time under Captain Aedren, the command of the garrison shifted and, at Aedren's suggestion, Eglanion became the Captain of the small group of men serving the garrison.



"It is improper for young women to taint themselves with the likes of combat, Eglanien." -Nemirel

"If you are incapable of common sense, I might be able to forgive your stubbornness to be simply alike to the stubbornness of an untrained imbecile. But I have a hard time believing any woman who sits through extensive studying and self defense training would have no ability to reason with logic and is unable to give up her pride long enough to be respectful to those who are around her such as her father and her guard who are only attempting to be in service of her. But of course I could be wrong in assuming this and you really are no better than a narcissistic fool." --Pissed of Lance

"Here do I swear fealty and service to Gondor, and to the Lord and Steward of the realm to speak and be silent, to do and to let be, to come and to go, in need or plenty, in peace or war, in living or dying, from this hour henceforth, until my captain release me, or my death take me, or the world end. So say I, Eglanion son of Erthor of Belfalas . I will not forget it, nor fail to reward that which is given: fealty with love, valour with honour, oath-breaking with vengeance."  --Lance's oath into Captainship... the painful oath


Servants: Glasdir- Serving boy, Laebon- Guard 

Note: Lance is exclusively in Gondor unless a special rp event determines otherwise.  So if you want to rp with her, you must have a toon in Gondor.  Also the switch in the gender pronouns throughout this page is intentional as to divide Lance's portions of her life as a woman and as a man.  Anyone who meets her ICly has no way of knowing that Lance is a woman.   If you are interested in Gondorian rp, you are more than welcome to message me (Messaging me does not mean you have to join, you can just ask questions if you want) or visit our website.  If you have any further questions about Lance and are unable to rp with me, feel free to send me a message here on LA or in-game.  Also feel free to check out my personal board about Lance and my blog.


In his childhood, his only true friend was the old soldier by the name of Levanien. But since he's left home, he has closed himself off to other people in order to protect his secret. He has plenty of associations, but the only people he considers to be true friends are people he tries to turn away from.


Father: Carasson; Mother: Nemirel; Brother: Thalachon


He has no personal enemies, but of course he considers Haradrims and other evil foes who threaten the safety of Gondor as an enemy due to the nature of his job. As for rivals, the only person is his mother back at home.


The freedom his lies have given him, the ability to be respected now, his training with his sword especially, oddly enough, flowers, and to his dismay, Bregdys.


Being questioned under the suspicion of others, disrespect directed towards her from any rank of official, and carrots. Carrots are gross, don't even offer them to Lance.


The motivation to excel is Lance's main motivation. He wants to be able to fulfill his job to its fullest and pave his own path to his future. Originally he yearned for freedom, but now he yearns to be something great.


“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” ― André Malraux

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