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Lheinel, daughter of Aglaron


Assistant Mistress of the Stores

ResidenceMinas Tirith

People of Minas Tirith

Outward Appearance


Height: 5’10” (178 cm)

Build: Rather average, noticeably feminine (curved) but not particularly voluptuous. Her aversion to food in general leaves her figure thinner than most nobles, though (usually) not quite “skinny” or “starved”.

Skin: Her skin is pale white and lily-soft, almost reminiscent of marble. She’s clearly never worked in the sun or fought a hard battle. 

Eyes: Dark grey, as is usual for Gondorians. 

Hair: Lheinel’s hair is a brown so dark as to look black. It is long, reaching over halfway down her back when hung free, but it is almost never allowed to hang free. Most days, she wears it pinned up in a bun made of many small braids woven together.

Facial Structure: Her face is like that of a statue. High cheekbones, full lips, and a straight nose give her face marble elegance.

Poise: Her most distinctive feature of appearance is her poise. She carries herself with the grace and elegance of a well-educated noblewoman, though the subtle ethereality of it is all her own. Her composure never seems to break, and whatever emotion she wishes to portray appears in her features despite anything she may truly feel.

Scars, illnesses etc: She is, for the most part, healthy, and her privileged upbringing has saved her from most scars. The one exception is a scar on her arm from a mistake made while training Hanneth, the remains of a bite from the confused and agitated dog. However, it is nearly always hidden beneath the sleeves of her dress.

Clothes: Lheinel dresses in finely made, lightweight fabrics whenever possible, particularly silks and linens. She favors various shades of blue and grey for her clothing, particularly in color schemes that evoke the sea or ice. She wears very little jewelry, often simply an elegant circlet and necklace, though beneath whatever she wears for fashion, a thin silver chain long enough to slip beneath her dress always hangs from her neck. On this chain is hung a simple silver disk, upon which is inscribed in Tengwar the Quenya phrase Fëalissë, Spirit of Grace, which is her personal motto. Pinned to her chest is her badge of office, the sigil of the Stores, set in bronze (rather than silver, to indicate her rank).

Education: Lheinel, being the daughter of an ancient line, received a classical Gondorian education. She learned to read and write well, to sing and dance, to speak Sindarin and Quenya, to entertain and host, to manage a household and keep a budget, and many other skills suitable for a lady of Gondor. Through her own intelligence and the informal education of court life, she learned to observe people, to judge their motives and their interests, to charm, to spy, and to scheme. 

Languages spoken: Native Westron, highly fluent in Sindarin, fluent in Quenya, and knows a few basic phrases of Rohirric​

Weapons: Her wit is her greatest weapon. She carries no blades or weapons on her body save her mind. When hunting, her weapons are vested in her dogs, though she will often carry a knife to strike the killing blow. She has had no training in the use of weapons save as tools, but she has been trained in escaping common grips and holds.



Full Name: Lheinel Aglaroniel o bar-Celucûn (Lheinel, daughter of Aglaron, of house Celucûn)


Her line is that of Celucûn, bent-stream, so named for the small river beside which their castle was first located. Once, they were one of the great families of Belfalas, controlling vast estates and held enormous wealth. They were vassals of the Prince of Dol Amroth, and were held in much esteem in his court. But, over time, their line began to decline. Their land was parceled away, lost in disputes between sons, dowries of daughters, settlements of private wars, or sold to repay the debts acquired by the less fiscally wise of their lords. Eventually, nearly all of their once-great wealth was lost and the fire and ambition that was so famous in the Celucûn sons seemed to dissolve, as lord after lord refused to attend to more than his own lands. To this line, Lheinel was born.

She spent her youth living on her family's estates, growing up among several siblings, though she was particularly fond of her younger brother Calador, who shared her interest in fashion and politics, and like her was more similar to their mother, Idhrien. The husband of Idhrien's childhood friend Sídhwen, Alfirion, took an early interest in Calador and Lheinel, and when Lheinel was eighteen she was granted a position as one of Sídhwen's maidens of the chamber, and moved with her new lord and lady to Dol Amroth.

At court, Alfirion held a lofty position as Master of the Hunt and was one of Lord Imrahil's circle of advisers. Lheinel shared his love of hounds, horses, and falconry, and through his patronage was granted a place to ride with the Prince on hunts, unusual for a woman. Her skill impressed the Prince, and the brief burst of fame this gave her was all she needed to establish acquaintanceships with many more of Imrahil's advisors, even his family, and to some extent the Prince himself.

At the age of twenty-five she was sent from the court of Dol Amroth to Minas Tirith, along with a few other young courtiers. Although ostensibly an honor, and an honor in fact to the others of her party, for Lheinel it was understood to be a punishment, a fall, a disgrace; for she was leaving a place where she was well-established and had many friends for a place where she had no family and no connections. Worse, there was no lady of the Steward's household for her to serve under. The exact reason for her exile she refuses to speak of, but it is understood to be the result of a quarrel between her and Lord Alfirion. 

In Minas Tirith, she was granted at first the position of the Keeper of the Upper Stores. Thanks to her brother's mediating influence between her and Alfirion, she eventually gained access to his acquaintances in the city, including one prominent administrator in the Steward's tax-collectors. Their influence allowed her to gain the position of Assistant Mistress of the Stores, and thanks to the age and personality of the current Master, her new title allows her near full control over the Storehouses of Minas Tirith.


"I would rather be where I am useful."

"Favor for favor, friendship for friendship... That is how it works, and how it ought to work."

Lance (Eglanien) on Lheinel; "I am not sure if she passes my five minute test yet. That is to be determined."






Those who break what she considers sacred rules


"Lheinel is intimidating" - Everyone.

Lheinel's Adventures

Lheinel's Adventures

Lheinel's Gallery

Lheinel's Gallery