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Landrem the Younger


First Warden of the Minas Tirith City Guards; Headsman

AgeMid-twenties; young for a man of his station.
ResidenceAn austere room in the Splintered Shield tavern, decorated only with a writing desk and a high bookshelf.

People of Minas Tirith

Outward Appearance

Here stands a naturally broad aurochs of a man, with sea-green eyes. At leisure, his robes are sparsely adorned, yet are of sumptuous dye and material; on duty, his hauberk is polished regularly, and his helm's tall white crest along with a brooch of the White Tree are emblematic of his rank in the White City. He speaks in the fluid cadence of a Minas Tirith fostering, yet his accent and olive skin betray his descent and upbringing by Men of Lebennin.


At his side, he ever carries his purse, a small pouch with his tablet and stylus, and his sword Rocrist (Sindarin: Horse-cleaver). Its sheath is gilded and covered in fine leather, yet its purpose is hard to hide: the blood of the executed is ever a hard scent to mask.


A son of the wealthy trader Hadrem, Landrem was tutored from an early age in the ways of learned men of Gondor, like his older brothers before him. Yet Landrem was a more eager student, fond of Sindarin and the writings of those sages and explorers who came before—bookish, despite his natural strength—and readily awaited a fostering at the age of ten in Minas Tirith, where he found himself enamoured with the vast libraries and gleaming walls of the famed city.

After studying the ways of highborn men of Gondor, arms and the works of famous writers, Landrem lingered in the libraries a year past manhood, before he found himself asked to serve by his mother, swearing himself in service to the Steward Denethor and the realm, joining the kingdom's vast army.

After a span of five years, having not yet seen much combat, the bidding of his mother and the persuasion of his uncle, First Warden Landrem the Elder, moved his post to the capital, into the Guards of City. Under the counsel of his uncle, Landrem ascended into a position of officership, becoming a Warden, and gained minor fame for personally slaying the leader of a foolhardy plot to take over Anfalas.

A year later, Landrem the Elder retired, and Landrem the Younger found himself appointed to the position of High Warden, taking after his namesake, first serving underneath the High Captain Aedren, and now under High Captain Eglanion. Despite his youth, he seems at ease with the role he is given in a time of foreboding.


Landrem has found a sense of camaraderie with the City Guards, enjoying the company of his captain, yet holding few true friends. Maedis remains his chief companion and confidant, as she was in his adolescence.


His father Hadrem and mother Glánhalph reside in Lebennin, but his two elder brothers serve in the Navy, and his younger, Gláncalph, is a scribe. For many years, his uncle, Landrem the Elder, was the First Warden before him.


His enemies are those who threaten him and his.


The white sands of Lebennin, the vast libraries of Minas Tirith, his brother Gláncalph, and the scent of hot tea. The things Maedis drags him into, though he is loath to admit it.


Disrespect, disunion, and how the stench of blood seems to linger long after an execution.


To maintain order within the White City, and eventually to settle down a many-laurelled man.


"May you find peace after death."

Landrem's Adventures

Landrem's Adventures

Landrem's Gallery

Landrem's Gallery