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Aallan 'Scarlet'


Adventuring Thief, Appraiser, Treasure Hunter, Tailor?

AgeSomewhere between 20 and 30

Eriador Rovers

Outward Appearance

If you catch him in your sights, you will likely find him in a red tunic/shirt and pants, with leather armor and leather boots.

He is commonly appearing to have a confident/smug look on his face and has somewhat a gleam in his eyes, albeit sometimes when concerning the latter.

For his body in general, it appears to be of average build.  In addition, his skin is of a typical Bree-lander.  He possess slightly dull green eyes, and might even has what folks may call a five o' clock shadow, though he is almost always clean shaven.

When conversing with this gent, he seems to have a laid back attitude, and will sometimes fiddle around with something he has, be it a spare dagger, a coin, or what have you. 


He can be hired by the free peoples for various tasks, such as dungeoneering, defense, and what have you.


If you really want, feel free to imagine him with the voice of Robin Hood (1973 Disney voice of Brian Bedford), with a hint of cockney.


Because I failed at embedding music to this profile, here's the youtube link:


Weapons and Equipment: He almost always carries two melee dagger with him, as well as three throwing daggers attached to his belt whenever he is in his adventuring garb.  In addition, he has come equipped with at least one bag of dust to blind any who would attack him for a moment.  Speaking of daggers, he is rather versed in their uses, and is a competent fighter, especially where blades and "dirty" tricks are concerned.

Parents:  His folks, or lack thereof, had left him on the doorstep to a jail in Combe, when he was only four, for reasons only they know.  He barely has any memory of them, though Dufr would suffice as a father figure.


He was born and raised in Bree-Land, or more specifically in Combe, albeit not with his actual family.  At four years of age, his parents for some reason left him alone to go somewhere else, which was the last time he ever saw them.  Growing up, he had a tendency to steal from other children and people as a form of lashing out.  Of course, whenever he was caught, he would be punished justly for his actions, albeit without any loss of limb. 

Near the end of his adolescence, he joined two older men (not older by too much) like himself: Robert and John.  The two he joined soon went by Robert Longstride and John the Axe, respectively.  With those two, he spend his early young adult life known as Aallan Scarlet, due to his red garb.  He along with Robert and John would rob any travelers in Chetwood and sometimes its surrounding areas.  However, after a year of robberies in Bree-land, southerners not of either Gondor or Rohan seemingly killed both Robert and John.

Since Aallan was the sole survivor, he elected to keep his robberies around Bree-town.  Two solo thefts in Bree were of course successful, though the third would lead to his arrest.  This third was committed on a traveling dwarf by the name of Dufr Stonebeard.  He had stolen the item well enough, but Dufr had helped the guards of Bree track down Aallan and arrest him.  For some reason or another unknown to him, Dufr decided to take Aallan under his wing for a time.  Thus he finally had a paternal figure in his life.

He then decided, with Dufr's prodding, to take a more honest career.  He resumed his former brigand name of Aallan Scarlet to earn money through a life of adventuring and hired work.


His closest friends thus far are Dufr (Father figure), Lockewood, Brynleigh (Former love interest), Conrob, and Cesistya. Raven, Dryn, Kitowyn, Avilina, and Baldmar are considered good friends. The rest of good folk he encounters are considered aquaintences.


Birth parents either are long gone, dead somewhere, or both. The closest thing to a father for him is Dufr.


Disagreement with The Bree Watch. Enemies: White Hand, Angmar, Richard


Golden hoards, robbing evil peoples/orcs, a good smoke or drink from time to time, playing his lute.


Brigands, Foul Folk, the Dead, Double-Crossers, Taxmen, Richard


A bit closer to remember what he wants, though he's getting coin on the side.


"Ah come along, y' worry too much." "I will admit, I'm a thief..." "Ooh de lally!"

Aallan's Adventures

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Aallan's Adventures

Aallan's Gallery

Aallan's Gallery