Malliel Merenlaer "Malgelir" o Lórien

Name Malliel
Housewife, former Galadhrim Warden.
Young (1486 years).
Outward Appearance

Malliel (Pronounced: mah-lay-el) is tall, has pale skin and her long golden hair is usually fashioned into a plait, though she is known to wear it loose at times. She has pale green eyes, piercing yet behold kindness. Her lips are a deep red, her cheeks flushed light pink. She is a picture of beauty and is looked upon in awe, though she is humble and wonders why she gains such attention.

Malliel is usually seen in burgundy armour, of Elven-make, with a circlet atop her head. On occasions when she is not on duty or travelling; she can be seen wearing elegant dresses, or a tunic from her homeland. Malliel is slim, yet stronger than she looks. She is quick, agile and holds herself with grace and honour.

Malliel has spent the majority of her young life in the Golden Wood. Due to this she is wary of other races, yet not hostile towards them. She may be perceived as being nervous around unfamiliar people - even of her own kindred. The truth is she is a little timid due to her sheltered life. She is not very well traveled and has few she deems as friends. She is improving, however, and is coming out of her shell. Malliel is a happy person in general, a smile can usually be seen upon her radiant face. She is cheerful, too.


Names and Titles

Malliel ("Golden maiden"; father-name), Merenlaer ("Joyful song"; mother-name), Alagaith ("Rushing spearhead"; after-name), Malgelir ("Golden, happy person"; lore name bestowed upon her during her wedding, by Andarne), Warden of the Galadhrim.


Malliel, one of the Silvan Elves with Sindar and Vanyar heritage, was born (in the calendar of Men) on the seventh day in November in the year of 1532 TA (Third Age) in Lothlórien to her parents, Tatharion and Mírinu. She has an older sister named Lahseth and nephews; Fairthailon and Lahdir, and a niece named Kemenloth. "Malliel" means "golden maiden" in her language; a name that certainly fits her.

Upon coming of age Malliel trained as a warden. She wished to protect the creatures of her homeland and her kindred. She favours the spear, javelin and shield; and uses them efficiently. Her arms are strong, she can throw a javelin further than the eye can see. She was eventually recruited into the Galadhrim Guard, assigned to Talan Tirith under the mentorship of Talan Captain, Tinuvinil; who became her most dearest friend. He is a father figure in her life whom she cares about deeply, yet they are also like siblings. The pair spent over one thousand years serving together until Malliel, amongst others, were instructed by Lady Galadriel to leave her homeland and aid a sect of the Malledhrim in Eriador. The two parted ways, for a time, but soon reunited when her mentor came to Eriador.

During her time as a Galadhrim Warden, she has stood guard upon the flets of her homeland and has been on border duty, where she met good friend Halpendor. One time she even lead a small cohort of wardens, sucessfully deterring poachers. She believes she has been taught by the very best and is thankful.

Just a couple of weeks after arriving in Celondim to see to her new duties, Malliel's life changed dramatically. She encountered Andarne at the marketplace, whom she would later find out was leader of the sect of the Malledhrim she was assigned to. When her and Andarne's eyes met, they both felt extreme joy in their hearts. It was love at first sight for the two, their love burned like fire. The couple are now happily wedded, and have a baby named Nemben. Malliel loves Andarne and her son more than she can describe, they mean everything to her.

Malliel is a lover of nature and the creatures that dwell within it. She feels more at peace out in the wilderness than anywhere else. When off-duty, she will spend much time outdoors in meditation or prayer. She loves the Valar, and prays often to Yavanna (Giver of Fruits), Tulkas (Champion of the Valar), Estë (Healer of hurts and weariness) and Elbereth (Creator of the stars).

Malliel aids her kindred with honour, while enjoying being able to explore and experience new lands. She is absolutely duty-bound and would gladly give her life for her kindred and their cause. In The Malledhrim she was promoted to Officer and held the title, "Lady of Gatherings". It was her job to arrange any gatherings or events for the Order. It is a position she was anxious taking at first, but proven herself worthy of the post. She has since retired from the Order, and is now a full-time mother to Nemben. However, she still visits her homeland from time to time, serving as Warden of the Galadhrim.

Traveling is a new concept to her, as she had barely done so before leaving Lórien. She hopes to make friends on her new adventure. She will always be a source of comfort to those who seek it. She has a youthful spirit and plenty of drive and dedication. With family's undying love, her kindred's support and her friend's guidance and friendship, she will flourish.

Herven: Andarne, Ion: Nemben.
Enemies of Lothlórien, poachers.
Andarne, Nemben, Lothlórien, nature, animals, meditation, songs, stories, dancing.
Poachers, cruelty to animals, rudeness.
To raise and protect her beloved son. To serve as a Galadhrim Warden, aiding in fighting the evil that threatens her homeland.
"I find strength from the world I love, and those I love within it."

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