Lilótea, the Dryad

Name Lilotea
Drayd of the Entwives
thousands of years old
Aimlessly Wandering
Dryad of the Wilds
Outward Appearance

lilótëa adj. "having many flowers"


Lilótea is a tall Elven Maiden with black as midnight hair that cascades in curls down her back and over her shoulders, falling almost to her feet. She wears it free and flowing and is often wearing a gown of dark emerald, rippling jade, or deep verdant green. She is rarely seen at all, and even rarer still without her staff of maple. 


Haunted and slow-moving, Lilótea has a ghostly appearance, withdrawn and gaunt. Once she was probably very beautiful, but time has worn her cheeks hollow and sadness has cast a net of despair over her shoulders. Grief seems to drip from every movement she makes, but a strong resolution and determination often can be seen shimmering from within. 


Named Nemmírie when she was born, Lilótea is a Calaquendi Noldor elf who took on The Great Journey back to Valinor. With the other High Elves who went, Lilótea followed her two brothers back to Middle-Earth after the Noldor Exile to join the Wars of Beleriand and was there for The Dagor-nuin-Giliath. She did not fight, but participated as a Healer for the entirety of the Wars of Beleriand. She was not born Lilótea, but later took that name as she can no longer remember the one she was given at birth.

Both of her brothers died in the War of Wrath. Listless, she ultimately refused the summons back to Valinor and instead followed Gil-galad to Lindon. She did not linger there, however, and devoted herself instead to the work of the Entwives, following them to the Brown Lands and assisting in making the Entwives' gardens bloom and grow with many other elven maidens who became her sisters and coven. Here she remained for a couple thousand years.

She along with several of her close sisters fled the Brown Lands during War of the Last Alliance, though she lost even more of them. Lilótea found herself in Dunland where she stumbled upon what would become The Pristine Glade. She cultivated the land and was it's protector, even after Dunlendings began to inhabit the land and she remains a living myth to the those who frequent the glade. After The Pristine Glade fell under attack from Half Orcs and Uruk-Hai, Lilótea aided the fighting Dunlendings the best she could. She tended to the wounded and the deceased, snared foes with roots and brambles, and strategized with Dunlending battle leaders. After this, however, she left the glade and The Great Tree to the protection of Maugan and left Dunland altogether. Once again listless and without purpose, devastated from her now third failure to protect what she loves, Lilótea roams Middle Earth as she looks for any of her remaining sisters.

She remains devoted to the Entwives and their work, believing that she only has to keep searching before she finds them and the other dryads again. She almost appears ghostly to those Men who see her, tall and pale with dark as midnight hair. Because of this, those who know of her whisper a new name for her, Sírdhem.


((all artwork was created by me using ai))

She has many friends, those she calls her sisters, who lived and tended to the Brown Lands with the Entwives.
Two older brothers, Haldamíro and Ñaltanáre, both assumed deceased.
Orcs, Uruk-Hai, evil Men
Singing to saplings, dancing with snow flurries, and gazing at the stars. Blackberry bramble and pumpkin patches.
All things dark and scary. Dry, cracked earth. Wet caves, cold lands, and scorching sun.
To find her lost sisters and the lost Entwives she once apprenticed to.
What is grief but love with no where to go?

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Lilotea's Adventures

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