Angyles Iachawr

Name Angyles
Mercenary, Field Medic, Strategist, Spearman
Small Mountainous Area between Bree & The Shire
Mead and Willow
Outward Appearance

Angyles is strange for a hobbit appearance-wise.  While many would say Fallohides are of fair hair, Angyles is something different.


Angyles has stark white hair with pale blue eyes.  She stands slightly taller than the average hobbit with a thin, more lithe build betraying her Fallohide nature (River-Hobbit).

Angyles often wears what looks like a human's tunic (white) with silver arm-bands around her biceps and a dwarven crown on her head with gold in-lays along with metallic-rainbow warps.


Though many do not know this, Angyles's tunic is much heavier than it looks, as it is a multi-layered tunic with its outside cloth, cotton cushioning, leather pads, metal plates (sewn together in various areas with leather straps, running up to be supported at her shoulders), more leather, more wool, and the inside of the tunic.


As for her arsenal, it appears she wields a long spear and a shield of dwarven make (see picture - coming soon).  Both appear to be made of steel with gold filigree as decorations here and there.  Those who are more wise would notice that despite the crown she wears appears as jewelry, it has been cushioned and angled in such a way that she can headbutt larger enemies in places they may not want spikes or metal.


The most important part of her outfit is a white-gold ring she wears on her right ring finger.  In its setting is a collection of small diamonds in the shape of a jasmine (flower meaning healing) with a yellow topaz in the center.  Only Noldor Elves or Dwarves might recognize what this ring is - it is Elven in make.


Angyles's grew up in Misthallow - Lyndelby, more specifically.  From birth, she appeared to be different than most other hobbits, standing a bit taller, with a more lithe build.  The blood of old Hobyltan was strong in her.  This nature, ultimately, is what led her to being kicked out of her former home.

While, like many hobbits, her family and neighbors were a simple folk, Angyles was not and was a frequent Disturber of the Peace.  When Angyles hit thirty, she went on a small adventure that led her to the outskirts of Angmar.  Under the roots of an old, dead tree she found a box.  Nobody was around the box, so, that meant the box was her's.  Inside, Angyles found her ring, along with a small bag of gold.  Angyles ran off with it, putting on the ring.  Taking this ring was, ultimately, what led to her being exiled from her community.

Angyles, over the course of a few month, went from a bright, red-haired lass with blue eyes to having stark-white hair and pale blue eyes.  That combined with the pranks she was pulling did give an excuse to bring her behavior to a vote.  Assuming she had offended some greater power for her ways, her community kicked her out just shy of her thirty-first birthday.

Angyles, exiled, and with nowhere to go took up the mantle of a mercenary and did what she could to learn field triage over the course of two years.  Angyles found she was unnaturally good at it.  At her third year, Angyles discovered she had an uncanny knack for reading the flow of battle - which eventually caused her to gain her minor amount of fame.  For some reason, when she was conducting battle and shouting orders, the survival rates of, first, those who listened were higher.  Then it became those under her as her talent was recognized.

She's had a few years to hone her craft, build her wealth, and so on.  Angyles is a co-founder of the Kinship - Mead and Willow.  They call their home in mountains between Bree and the Shire - where they have made their Burrows.

Paane, Frimsi
Wealth, Friendship, Concern for Others

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Angyles's Adventures

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Angyles's Gallery