Name Dernwynn
Formally an apothecary, though there is more to her than that
Young woman
A residence outside of Bree
Outward Appearance

Twenty seven winters old.


Reasonably tall at around 5'10.


Her hair is perfectly smooth and straight, strands akin to that of spun gold sit just below the shoulder blades. Yet, at the right side would be a very slender braid, an elegant cuff of platinum at its end


Sun kissed skin with several small scattered scars, although there is also a small brand marking upon her right shoulder blade turned silvery over the course of time. Apart from these minor flaws, she is stunningly beautiful.


Her frame is toned yet feminine, normally draped in dresses of good quality. Her skin and nails perfectly clean and scented with lavender oil.


Often in sleeves of her clothing are several rose thorns doused in poison, and more often than not she wears beneath her clothing a very slim leather strap upon her right arm, holding a slender dart, the toxin both painful and causing delirium.


On occasion she wears an aged ring of gold, set with a blue stone upon her left hand, and more often than not a gold necklace with an elegant gold pendant suspended from it. Yet always there would sit a ring upon her right index finger, a cushioned platinum and emerald ring, the square stone catching the light upon her slender hand.


A temper or joy reveals the true heritage of this woman as her accent is well hidden until brought out by emotion.  At times she takes comfort in speaking her native tongue


Little is shared about the woman prior to her arrival in Bree, and what information she does deem fit to part with, is only a smattering of her past.  She is for all intents and purposes, an apothecary, basket weaver and occasional midwife, though rumours abound regarding what else she gets up to.  People have placed her in both a good light and bad, speaking of her high intelligence, sharp wit and beauty, though also of her being cunning and manipulative. Rarely will she allow anyone to become close enough to know her true nature, preferring to offer a superficial impression of herself.

A character that has developed over the years with the help of many fantastic RPers.  After taking a much needed break from RP and deleting my LA account, I have found all the posts made by this character (I think) and have listed them below.  For reasons of my own, somethings have altered to her story since 2020, therefore some later entries may not be as relevant.  july17 2020 mar21 2020  feb18 2020 feb13 2020 feb1st 2020 jan25 2020 nov30 2019 oct25 2019 oct11 2019 sep25 2019 sep3 2019 aug28 2019 aug10 2019 mar17 2019 feb27 2019 feb21 2019 feb10 2019 feb4 2019 jan30 2019 jun30 2018 Jun5 2018 may4 2018 apr26 2018 apr19 2018 apr5 2018 mar15 2018 mar6 2018 mar2 2018 jan5 2018 nov22 2017 nov4 2017 sep19 2017 feb8 2017 may20 2106 may16 2016 mar26 2016 mar15 2016 feb27 2016 feb19 2016 feb6 2016 oct2 2014 sep15 2014 jul4 2014 Jun22 2014


Few and far between by choice, though she keeps company with Remington more often than not
Arithem her half brother. Her father is deceased, her mother Mildwynn is a challenge.
Hopefully they are now all in the past, but the past seems to catch up with her often
Fine clothing, good wine, pleasant company and lots of coin
When it doesn't quite go to plan
To succeed without complications

Dernwynn's Adventures

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Dernwynn's Adventures

Dernwynn's Gallery

Dernwynn's Gallery