Ivyinette "Ivy" Doffin

Name Ivyinette
Late tween-years
Frogmorton - The Shire
The Doffin Clan
Outward Appearance

Standing at an slightly less than average height for a Hobbit lass, with round dark blue eyes, raven shoulder length hair and a healthy mass of thick course hair upon her feet to match.

A lover of plain and simple clothing, nothing seems extravagant about this Hobbit. Ivy is in her last couple of tween-years but seems older, being more reserved than her tween peers.



Ivyinette "Ivy" Doffin

Distant cousin of Dandedill "Dilly" Doffin & Daffiedil "Daffie" Doffin, niece of Villigrim "Villi" Doffin, first cousin to Rumbodoc "Rumbo" & Poppydoc "Doc" Doffin

A Stoor Hobbit woman belonging to the Doffin family. A lover of fishing, tailoring & even the occasional shoe-wearing

Ivy once caught a 45lb fish, it took three Hobbits to drag the huge fish to The Floating Log Inn where it is displayed proudly on the tavern's floor, leaning against the wall that now contains several bent nails

Seemingly having some sort of connection with animals (or perhaps only amphibians), Ivy once managed to tame a bog-toad, unfortunately the toad was killed moments later when Ivy unintentionally led it into a nearby hunter's trap

Unlike her "traditional Hobbit" cousins, Daffiedil "Daffie" Doffin & Dandedill "Dilly" Doffin, Ivy has been considered "rather odd" by those around her, which troubles poor Ivy greatly. This general opinion stems from her slight introverted habits and raggedy sense of style



The Doffins

A Hobbit family of bakers favouring the art of baking cakes rather than pies.
The Doffins are also known for their nimbleness and their ability to squeeze into crevices deemed too small even for most Hobbits.

At some point, a tremendous family feud broke out over the last slice of cake and a missing (assumed stolen) recipe book. This feud resulted in half the family moving to The Shire's boggy marshland, and the remaining family staying put. Over time, the Doffins that had moved to the marshes became more Stoor-like in appearance and habits, all the while keeping the family name.

Fortunately, this long standing feud was recently ended when one of the Doffins offered a "biscuit branch".

While this is now water under the bridge, the Doffins can sometimes choose to differentiate themselves, with the Stoor-like Doffins referring to themselves as "Bog Doffins" & the Fallohide-like Doffins referring to themselves as "Field Doffins".

For what seems like a relentless amount of time, The Doffins have held a deep rooted grudge against The Boffins, a well known Hobbit family. The reasoning for this lifelong bitterness between the Doffins and the Boffins is thought to have been lost to time, though members of both respected families have mutually agreed to keep the feud tradition going.



  • Dandedill: Actively played
  • Ivyinette: Actively played
  • Villigrim: Rarely played
  • Daffiedil: Retired
Cousin: Dandedill
Lifelong grudges - frogs - fishing -
Forests - creepy crawlies (marsh spiders in particular) - muddy toes - nosy Hobbits -
"Watch out for Boffins now, won't yer?"

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Ivyinette's Adventures

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