Dandedill "Dilly" Doffin

Name Dandedill
Late tween-years
The Shire
Outward Appearance

Standing at an average height for a Hobbit lass, with short curly dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes full of mischief, a rather nasty scar on her chin and a healthy mass of thick course hair upon her feet.

A lover of flamboyant long coats and fancy waistcoats, the Hobbit is never seen without her long-coated attire. Dilly is clearly in her last couple of tween-years but her favourite turquoise long coat is obviously much too big on her, giving her the look of a child trying on their parent's clothing. 



Dandedill "Dilly" Doffin

Author of "Concerning Bree-Land: A Hobbit Guide to Tourism"

Sister of Daffiedil "Daffie" Doffin, postwoman of The Quickpost, first cousin of Ivyinette "Ivy" Doffin, distant relative of Villigrim "Villi" Doffin, distant cousin of Rumbodoc "Rumbo" & Poppydoc "Doc" Doffin

Although not a particularly courageous soul, Dilly was the first Doffin to leave The Shire, something that is brought up - very often- by her, in conversation.

Dilly was The Shire's hide & seek champion for two years running, another source of pride for her.


The Doffins

A Hobbit family of bakers favouring the art of baking cakes rather than pies.
The Doffins are also known for their nimbleness and their ability to squeeze into crevices deemed too small even for most Hobbits.

At some point, a tremendous family feud broke out over the last slice of cake and a missing (assumed stolen) recipe book. This feud resulted in half the family moving to The Shire's boggy marshland, and the remaining family staying put. Over time, the Doffins that had moved to the marshes became more Stoor-like in appearance and habits, all the while keeping the family name.

Fortunately, this long standing feud was recently ended when one of the Doffins offered a "biscuit branch".

While this is now water under the bridge, the Doffins can sometimes choose to differentiate themselves, with the Stoor-like Doffins referring to themselves as "Bog Doffins" & the Fallohide-like Doffins referring to themselves as "Field Doffins."

For what seems like a relentless amount of time, The Doffins have held a deep rooted grudge against The Boffins, a well known Hobbit family. The reasoning for this lifelong bitterness between the Doffins and the Boffins is thought to have been lost to time, though members of both respected families have mutually agreed to keep the feud tradition going.

The Doffin Family Tree



  • Dandedill: Actively played
  • Ivyinette: Rarely played
  • Villigrim: Retired
  • Daffiedil: Retired
Cousin: Ivyinette
Hobbits of the Boffin family
Cakes - creating new recipes - the thrill of fleeing or hiding from enemies
Rivers/streams - climbing - steep mountains & cliffs - the dark - bears - soggy feet
To become somewhat of a successful author
"Stick to the path, else yer might just find yourself on a wild adventure." - "Quite right!"

Dandedill's Adventures

Dandedill's Adventures

Dandedill's Gallery

Dandedill's Gallery