Turuviel of house Elenol

Name Turuviel
Scout and huntress
Outward Appearance

Blue eyes, dark brown hair, average height. Usually wearing 2 long daggers Celebiphant (the old silvery) and Celaircann (the brilliant bold)  of exquisite crafting and if in the wilderness usually a bow as well. More likely to be seen in a flexible and light traveling and figth suited outfit then uniform or elegant dress if occasion does not commend it.



Turuviel is rather young for an Elf. Born and raised in Rivendell chose to travel to Celondim to discover more of the world for a while then tried to step in her family's footsteps joining The Glade Council and, after the disbanding of this one, the house Vaimar.

Turuviel is daughter of the hunter Elerdir of house Elenol and Arasinya of Lorien. As appearance she resembles her father much. House Elenol survives in this age in Middle Earth trough Elerdir, his older brother Valdras and Turuviel. Elgost, the twin of Valdras died in battle fighting under the banner of The Glade Council in Trollshaws and his only son Elais fell helping the Dunnadan in Annuminas. Another sister of three -Maladeth her name - left Middle Earth for the undieing lands long ago. 

Arasinya, a first age elf, daughter of one of Galadriel's current Ghaladrim Guards that followed across the Sea the Noldorin princess, gave her heart to the young and bold Elerdir, a  hunter from a minor Greenwood house,  in rather mysterious circumstances of which Turuviel knows more rumors then facts, but certain is her parents were reclusive but happy and their love sufficient to them ever since.

Other important figures in her life:

Her uncle Valdras was equally a fatherly figure to Turuviel, not having children and enjoying the company of his niece who gladly followed him to discover more of the world several times.

In house Vanimar she had the surprise to discover the lord of the Hammer, Veryacano, was the cousin of her mother, this making her sort of his niece. At the point she found out this she disliked greatly the lord for his severity and rushed decision that costed the banishing of her dear friend Daelith. Later she needed to trust Veryacano for the attempt to rescue Daelith and she got to know him better, learning to respect and try to understand his way. She tries to live up to the standards she feels such kin commends.

Daelith. She still calls him her dearest friend and is revolted hearing anyone badmouthing his memory. She admits Daelith made many mistakes but states the good much surpasses the evil he caused and misses him greatly, especially now that Cirdamir left her alone for a time,  missing  the Sea and figthing alongside his comrades of another age once more, as a Warden of the Havens.

Cirdamir her former fiancee, the one who had her silver ring and her heart. They met first when Cirdamir came to the Glade Council as emmisary of Lothlorien in a attempt to help the old fellowship surpass its darkest hour, but nothing managed to avoid this. They later met in the house of Elrond, when the road of both was leading west and they chose to travel together. She admired much the wisdom of the old warrior and was charmed by his stories. Many other events, sad and happy brougth the two closer with time. After her risky attempt to save Daelith, Cirdamir was angered she left with no word and both realised their friendship changed into more. They exchanged silver rings and promisses. Still is much that tends to put often distance between them: the love for Lorien and the Sea for him and of Rivendell and Eregion for her, the call to follow his duty of old as warden of the havens for him and the oath to Vanimar for her, the wisdom of ages Cirdamir lived to see and the fire and rushed decisions of the young Turuviel. But above all there is love and the hope all this will smooth as the far Sea under a calm nigth's sky, far in West where no other call than that of peace and joy will be heard. Yet both of them feel that the time has not come yet to search that peace.

...For years she held the the silver ring of Cirdamir and he kept her ring, but love and hope faded as distance and complicated times worked against their union. Rings were returned and each walks his own path now.


most elves of house Vanimar, Mirineth, some of old friends she did not see in a long time, and some she will not see again in this world
Father: Elerdir, Mother: Arasinya, Cousin: Elais, son of Elgost, Uncle: Valdras,
none... or maybe?
injustice and actions without thougth of consequences
discovering Arda

Turuviel's Adventures

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Turuviel's Adventures

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Turuviel's Gallery