Myrelle Abbott

Name Myrelle
Dawdler; Tea Enthusiast; Florist; Nervous Wreck; Troubled Soul.
Young - her attributes suggest her early twenties.
A small cottage on the outskirts of Bree.
Sage and Sorrel.
Outward Appearance

A Depiction of Myrelle

Physique: Standing at five foot and two inches, as an approximate, her stature is undoubtedly diminutive. Her good shoes, only worn on festivities and indispensable occasions, give her an additional inch or two, but she is yet to tower over any that she encounters. Her anatomy is scrawny in appearance, exhibited by the exposure of particular countenances, such as her prominent collarbones and awfully thin facial lineaments. 


Temperament: Her essence once possessed an authentic sweetness and purity, masked by the dark and destructive social anxiety that consumed her, yet this resilient wall is now fragmented and severed. She is no longer consistently perturbed and skittish, as she now boasts a blurred reliance around her peers, complimented with a broadened grin and mischievous intonation. There are still occasions where she may be easily overwhelmed, particularly in large and boisterous groups, for which prompts the scratching, picking, and pulling of her skin.


Abilities: The isolated and manipulative upbringing that she has sustained has meant that her comprehension of typical and presumed capabilities are astonishingly limited. She is unable to write, and the quality of her reading ability is adequate at best, which means she is impotent when it comes to anything academic. Such bold naivety restricts her profusely, which is why she has never gone so far to reveal her limitations. However, she is not entirely futile. Her mastery remains in the artwork of floral arrangement, vividly boasting a keen eye to complimenting scents and colours. She can also, with greatest gratitude to Catalinna, gut a fish.  


Notable Features: The fragrant aroma of honeysuckle and magnolia blossom from her, consistently stalking her being when she trots over the cobbles of Bree - a delightful consequence of her chosen occupation. Often kept down, her fiery, auburn locks spiral to cut abruptly at her elbows is yet another eminent idiosyncrasy that could make her stand out. Her features, albeit delicate and pleasing to the eye, have recently been victim to a mutilating trauma. Two indentations, one of either side of her face, are profoundly left in its wake.


The Narrative of Old Maple Way


Out of Character Notes:

Myrelle suffers from a compulsive skin picking disorder, also known as dermatillomania, which is a consequence of her struggles with anxiety. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please do let me know. It is not a constant in her everyday life, and consequently my RP, as it is only triggered in certain circumstances.

She is a local to Bree and the surrounding areas, so it would not be obsecure if your character were to recognise her. I have absolutely no problem for this to be the case, but if this is something you wish to implement, then please do let me know beforehand.  If you would like to meet Myrelle, do not hesitate to contact me and we can arrange something.

She has a brother, Mathias, who is two years her senior. Both were deprived from parents at a young age, and so they were raised by their Grandmother, Loretta, who passed six months ago.
There is no other individual that she would describe as an rival, nor an enemy. She would, however, define herself as her own worst enemy, especially if she was in her frequent episodes of drowning her self-pity.
The conceptualization of learning, in any capacity, even though this is not a pronounced mannerism that she shares. Her more lucid loves include: tea, of any kind, but particularly served with honey, marinated lamb, and any kind of sweet treats.
She finds herself in conflict with the expectations that she is expected to fulfil in her life. She also has a depictable hatred for vast and boisterous crowds, as well as confrontation with... Well, just about anyone.
An intelligible conundrum.

Myrelle's Adventures

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Myrelle's Adventures

Myrelle's Gallery

Myrelle's Gallery