Lady Nestadlien Edhelion

Name Nestadlien
Outward Appearance

Nestadlien is a beautiful young woman, she is tall as is a common trait, among the men and women of Gondor.  She stands at the towering height of 6'1 with a slender but healthy frame. She has dark green eyes that are often devoid of any emotion at all some might find this unsettling.  Her clothing changes based on the setting, if she is in a tavern she likely will wear casual attire to blend in.  No weapons can be seen on her person. Her raven black hair once cascaded down to her hips, but recently the woman has cut it and it rests just above her shoulders.


Lady Nestadlien Edhelion that is her namesake, one that she likely will have to keep hidden during her stay in the North.  She is the youngest child of Lord Usuendar, he is known to Dol Amroth and the nation as a man of virtue.  Her father a patron of justice and law.  As a result, some of these values have been placed onto his children. Nestadlien is no exception she abhors disorder and chaos. She was sent away from home in the middle of the night after a plot against her life was discovered. The young woman hadn't a chance to say a single farewell to her family, she was ushered onto a ship and told to flee North until the political tension was over. But Gondor is already unsettled enough, without a king.  It is her Father's hope that no one will look for his daughter in Eriador.

((This will be updated as time goes on. Character follows a Pre-war timeline do keep that in mind as to not suffer any confusion.))

All back in Gondor.
She loves her family dearly and hopes to see them again one day, she is patriotic and loves Gondor her homeland. She enjoys deep conversations.
She hates it when people interrupt her during a conversation as she was a woman of authority back home. She hates Gondorian politics, but she sees them as a necessary evil in her life. Small talk is very irksome to her.
To gather allies in Eriador until she can return home.
"Should you come to Dol Amroth, enjoy the city, enjoy the gardens. But do avoid the politics, unless you know what you are in for." "May The One guide you to fortune." "Valar keep you." "Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing."

Nestadlien's Adventures

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Nestadlien's Adventures

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Nestadlien's Gallery