Thinthil Highroller

Name Thinthil
Burglar and Adventurer
Outward Appearance

Thinthil is of slightly above average height and well-built, standing at six feet even. He has long brown hair which he keeps pulled up into a small ponytail, dark brown eyes, and a goatee. He wears mostly dark clothes, always of fine tailoring yet still completely practical for his profession. On his belt he openly carries two daggers, as well as several small pouches for trinkets and some of his nasty tricks. On his right hand he wears a thick steel ring set with a sapphire, and around his neck is a white gold chain threaded through his signet ring, a steel ring with the symbol of a knife stabbed through a die on the top.

Thinthil is usually confident and outgoing, always ready to make conversation. However, he suffers severe anxiety attacks when without a weapon for too long, which is why he always carries a small dagger in his boot which he never reveals.


Thinthil is originally from the Kingdom of Dale, more specifically Esgaroth. His parents were poor fisherfolk, and their relationship was unstable. When he was still a young child, his father injured himself in an accident, losing an arm. Unable to provide for the family, Thinthil's mother left for Dale to try and make a living there, and his father turned to alcohol and violence. At this point, Thinthil ran away and became a street rat, surviving by picking the pockets of the citizens of Esgaroth. This landed him in jail quite a few times over the three years he lived like this.

At age seven, Thinthil made the bold decision to attempt to rob a wealthy individual who lived on the outskirts of town. He almost succeeded but was caught while fleeing the premises. As it turned out, he had tried to rob the head of Esgaroth's Smuggler's Guild. Impressed with his skills, he hired Thinthil as a low-level associate of the guild. Over the next several years, Thinthil would work his way up through the ranks due to his talent, aptitude, and a series of unfortunate deaths among the higher-ups of the guild. By age 17, he had become the guild master's right-hand man, a position of exceptional power never before held by one so young. He served in this position happily for many years, spearheading ambitious endeavors that brought great profit to himself and the guild. After the great success of these risky endeavors, he took the title Highroller, which was the only name most of the Guild and the Guard knew him by.

Several years later, and the guild had been brought down by a new Officer of the Guard from Dale. All of the high-ranking members of the guild were caught and hung... but Thinthil was nowhere to be found. Indeed, not even a mention of him was found in the guild's records, for he had been far too cautious for that. The only thing belying his existence was his signet on the records of operations he launched... a knife through a die.

He had escaped the purge by moving to Bree, where he had planned on starting a new criminal enterprise. However, a series of events and new friends led him to look back on his past, and he found that he hated what he had done and decided to adopt a new lifestyle. Now Thinthil works to atone for his past actions by providing aid wherever he can while trying to ensure that he can keep the new life he's found.

His father, His mother (status unknown)
His father, Guardsmen of Dale
Gambling, His job, Brandy
Boredom, People sticking their nose in his business, Powerlessness, Guilt
Making up for his past sins
"I don't want to lose this life. Not when it's barely begun."

Thinthil's Adventures

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Thinthil's Adventures

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Thinthil's Gallery