Name Brymborlos

A Tracker and Watchman

He is a traveler


Outward Appearance

Brymborlos' face is square in shape, lightly baked under the summer sun. Women particularly adore his gorgeous hair, brown as the oak. Dwarves compliment his beard, saying he cares for it with dwarven attention. He wears a cloak dyed the red of autumn and guards his stocky frame with maille hauberk. Barliman often scolds his friend for entering the common room with worn and muddy boots and therefore insists that he stand outside and scrape the earth from his soles. Patrons note the care he gives to his great ax, sheathed in deerskin, sitting dreamily by the hearth in the back of the room, polishing the edge with considerable care.


Brymborlos is the scion of an ancient house of Arthedain. His father and a remnant of their retainers escaped the orcish hunting party and found refuge with Rivendell's elves.
A shadow fell over Brymborlos in the years following the fall of Arnor; his family retainers died; his father passed in his sleep one rainy morning. Later the remnants of Arnor⸺the Dúnedain⸺came to Brymborlos and offered him a place among their ranks. Brymborlos refused the invitation, but he did join them as a friend of the North, a dying ember of Arthedain.
In Brymborlos' company, those Dúnedain describe him as a sullen but serious man with earthy brown hair and beard. Brymborlos often exceeded his fellows in height and possessed the strength of an aurochs. As he aged, his heart ached for the comforts bereaved him during his youth.
Brymborlos often visited the townships surrounding the ruins of Arnor and made friends with the settlers. Unlike the Dúnedain, he possessed light skin and piercing eyes of maple green. He displayed an inclination for smoking a pipe and often sat under the moon's full, ruminating on the course of streams, or the hiss of leaves under the soft kiss of the mountain breeze.
The time finally compelled Brymborlos to depart from his kin and settle down in Bree, where he joined the watch. His knowledge of herbs and fluency in Elvish tongues garnered him a reputation among merchants and travelers navigating Breeland's roads. He sometimes journeyed to Rivendell in the mid-autumn months and studied the Elven kinds' lore under Elrond and his loremasters. Overtime, Brymborlos assumed a prominent role among Bree’s watch as a forager and huntsman, delving the forest depths, climbing the crests of knolls searching for relics belonging to the ancient folk.
Brymborlos presently travels the north road from Bree to Archet to uncover rumors of a shadow striking terror among the Shire hobbits. He drifts in and out of the Prancing Pony or patrols the township roads, peddling stories and songs. The people of Bree benefit from his skill in the shaping of metal. He also entertains the Watch of Bree with exploits into the Blue and Misty Mountains, charming many a proud squire or stoic dwarf. There are rumors that brigands have placed a bounty on his head⸺ten gold and fifty silver for his head (three, and twenty gold while breathing). Then there are rarer whispers of the shadowy riders causing havoc. Brymborlos is often found in the Pony conversing with strangers bearing badges engraved with stars. Many ask in hushed voices whether these miscreants are after something nefarious. Perhaps they will learn soon enough.






Brymborlos loves literature and scouring the vastness of Eriador. He also delights in pipeweed and the singing and performing of music. He writes avidly, chronicling his deeds and the events occuring in his travels.


Brymborlos despises brigands, orcs, and the myriad hosts of the Enemy. Practically, he dislikes the abuse of women and animals. He abhors spiders (great or small) and has a particular distaste for those who treat their enemies unjustly.


Brymborlos is motivated to bridge the people of Bree with the people of his Forefathers, The Dúnedain.


"Most who know him say he is austere and distracted, but those closest know him as a charming and gentle listener of the heart."

Brymborlos's Adventures

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Brymborlos's Adventures

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Brymborlos's Gallery