Name Navisse
Jewelcrafter, sorceress
Outward Appearance
Navisse is a high elf from Gondolin, her first true home, if you'd care to ask her. Her hair is silvery-gray, partially braided to keep it out of her way. Her eyes are a piercing pale green that never miss anything.
She doesn't really smile and rarely speaks. But when she does it's with a quiet, calm voice that catches your attention and makes you listen to what she has to say. She speaks plainly, without riddles and has little patience for the courtly manners of others.
Unlike many of her kin, she likes to live around the younger races and loves getting involved in their lives in small unobtrusive ways. She's well known amongst the Dunadain and is a trusted ally, preferring their company above all others.

She's secretive, sarcastic and likes to stay in the shadows. Because of this Navisse likes using darker colors, preferably black or, if she has to mingle, green and brown. Navisse likes simple, practical clothes, but with a hidden beauty, not apparent unless you look for it. She does not like wearing leathers or steel in combat, preferring the fit of heavily enchanted cloth.
She does not use any weapons. Her magic is enough. For everyday tasks she uses small stones, runes, to focus her powers. She doesn't need them but it helps her to blend in with the younger elves who have forgotten much of their magics.
Navisse is proud and aware of her power and while she takes care not to frighten people she will not hesitate to show off if it gets what she needs. Fortunately she rarely has to do that and usually those who see her like this do not survive the encounter.
Important objects:
A plain silver ring that she wears on a chain around her neck. It was given to her by her lover.
Nirya - a ring that she wears proudly on display. It bears the sigil of what used to be her office and was given to her by Gil-Galad.


Navisse is an ancient, one of the few elves who saw Aman that are still on Middle Earth.  She’s also one of the few who doesn’t long to get back to the Undying Lands.


Her only friend was Gil-Galad and her only heart was an unknown Dunadan who died during the siege of Barad-dur.

Some of the older elves still remember a story about a desperate elven woman trying to save a dying Dunadan. The details are lost to the ages, but what they all remember is the rage she flew in when he died. They remember stories being told about her fighting the rampaging hordes to near exhaustion and the struggles her commanders had to go trough to stop her before she extinguished herself.

The next day the siege ended and she lost her best friend. The king died and she was left but a shadow of what she was. She fell into a deep slumber and everybody forgot about her, save for a few who were present in the aftermath.

Time flew and eventually she woke up, but she wasn’t tankful. She hated the high lords and ladies of the elves. She hated their impassivity and unwillingness to guide the younger races when needed and she firmly believed that had they taken action earlier, the first war of the ring could have been avoided or at least shortened. So many lives lost because of many precious lives...

Unlike other immortals, Navisse knows the joy of life, of living as tough each moment was her last and she still remembers the way her lover taught her to see the world. He believed that this world was worth saving, so she will fight for it.


Lately, with the awakening of the Barad-dur and Mordor, Navisse's blood is boiling again in rage at those who dared to rebuild what those who were dear to her had to die to destroy. She's getting more and more involved with the remaining Dunedain and the other races. As for her kin, if she has to work again with those forsaken lords and ladies she will, but she will not restrain her defiance or her power. She will not show them any deference and she will never bow to any of them.

none alive
technically, none alive
the younger races, their thirst for life, their way of seeing the wonders of this world
orcs and the high lords and ladies of the elves
her own moral compass
Don't. Don't ever take a loved one for granted.

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