Tiramen Sulanen

Name Tiramen
Sailor and sailwright
Outward Appearance

Most noteworthy of this edhel are his eyes. Green as the sea, they are quick and piercing as though they might note a a gull in far distance. He is not overtall for his people being neither stout nor fierce in presence. His long chestnut hair is braided along the crown and further down his neck to keep it tamed against the wind but not so tightly that it cannot be felt in a stray hair. What he lacks in stature, he makes up for in a grace that is nimble even for elves. His feet are light of step and his sense of balance uncanny.  

To his attire, there is little metal upon him. His tunic is a light green with tanned leather wraps serving as gird against conflict yet not so weighty as to impair his movement. Likewise, high boots support his ankles against injury while the supple leather grants freedom of movement. What armaments he has might seem simple in these troubling times. A bow, fitting an elf by reputation, and a pair of long daggers serve his needs.


Tiramen is the great grandson of  Tarandil, long time friend and liegeman to Cirdan. In the first age, With the fall of Eglarest and the fleeing to Ossiriand, his family lost many of its members to the war against Melkor. He himself was born near the ending of the First Age but prior to the great battle. Cirdan chose to remain to serve a sacred purpose and so his family chose to stay as well for he had saved his family from certain doom. His first memories are of the sundering of Beleriand. The great turmoil that rendered Ossiriand to Lindon. To this day, it haunts his memory. As the elves settled the shore and built the Grey Havens and settlements in Lindon, he set his hand to weaving for he had nimble fingers. Both rope and sail were critical to the white ships and so his skill grew over the years along with his love of the sea. For a time, he would visit Edhelion and other elven settlements upon the sea but they would dwindle as ships traveled West. At the ending of the second age, he was called to battle in service of Cirdan and the High King where he joined the ranks of archers in the defeat of Sauron. Since then, he largely remained upon the sea or the Havens. The number of elves departing now have greatly diminished and Cirdan has told him it will not be long now before the last ships sail.

None in game as yet
None in game as yet
While inherently suspicious of dwarves and men, his immediate enemy is counted in the Servants of Melkor and their progeny.
Sailing and the open sea, good wine, merry song, dance.
Orcs and the Corsairs of Umbar
To serve Cirdan in the Grey Havens, guarding the haven from the sea, preparing sails for the ships that would carry the elves West.
While I love the wind and sea, I shall not rest til Tol Eressea

Tiramen's Adventures

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Tiramen's Adventures

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Tiramen's Gallery