Wiberic Ruddyfoot

Name Wiberic
Illustrator & Brandy Badger
Late tweens
Outward Appearance

Wiberic—or "Wib" as those close know him—has the fresh face of a tween, his family's prominent ginger hair and blue eyes that usually hold a bit of mischief. He's a bumbling, knockabout sort of lad.


Wiberic Palado Brando Sandybanks-Ruddyfoot (crikey, what a mouthful!) was the first squalling bundle to be born to Waldoc Ruddyfoot of the Quick Post and Dorabella Sandybanks in the Westfarthing. Minutes later, his twin sister, Daffodil Honey "Daffney" followed. They grew up alongside Paladric, more akin to an older brother than cousin.

Hearing of braver hobbits than him doing outlandish and cracked things, Wib often dreamed of being a bounder, although no one believed he was born with the nerve for such a station. He was affable enough, however, and his Ruddyfeet were swift 'uns, so he followed his father Waldoc into the Quick Post. It seemed that this would be his lot in life.

It was only with a firm shove from his friends that he put his name forward for Deputy Mayor of Oldfurlong, regretting it at once. Grudgingly, red-faced, wanting to shrink behind a great oak, he fumbled through a speech to the eager crowd. It was a speech singularly designed to sabotage his chances—he'd make a useless mayor as he'd get most everything wrong and his feet "smell like old cheese" beside. Naturally, them cracked hobbits thought his honesty was becoming of a candidate and voted him in anyway! He took to it reluctantly, but the post afforded him friends a-plenty so it was reluctantly that he eventually stepped down. 

Since his mayor days, he has chipped away at his lack of confidence, stepping into more of a reluctant leadership role when it's required of him and falling into the fine-if-cracked company of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. No longer does he cower at the sight of his own shadow, run for the hills when grumpy old hobbits are near, or squeak at the pop of a sudden firework. Now he toots and strums with the Brandy Badgers and likes being dragged into an occasional adventure, but always feels the pull back home to The Shire. Of an evening he finds himself illustrating their hushed adventures and by day he illustrates for local papers and books.

Any hobbit who'll have him! To note a few, the Shenanigan nieces, much to the dismay of their Matzo, Potty and the rest of the Mathomer lot.
Twin: Daffney
Cousin: Paladric
Grandfather: Palado
His own lumbering feet.
Making pictures, raspberry jams, playing music, putting on plays, fishing, books of heroic deeds.
An empty stomach.
"How do!"

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Wiberic's Adventures

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Wiberic's Gallery